5 Life-Saving Miracles of Technology You Should Know About

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Written by Ben Davis

We all are well aware of how rapidly technology has advanced. What we don’t know are various products and conveniences that technology brings to us every now and then. It is necessary to familiarize ourselves with the gadgets that could potentially save our life. Curious to know what these life-saving miracles of technology are? Continue reading to find out.

  1. Spray-on Skin

This miracle of science has healed many unforgettable scars that were impossible to cure. Around the world, there are many victims of fire attacks who have to live with the permanent marks on their bodies. This stem cell treatment spray recovers burns without leaving any scar. The spray has been a successful invention that provides aesthetical outcomes, in accordance with everyone’s satisfaction. The painful process of skin transplanting or skin grafting has been used to heal the blistered parts of the body, but not anymore. Spray-on skin treatment is definitely revolutionary in the world of medicine.

  1. Self-Disinfecting Hazmat Suit

This invention came into being during the massive outbreak of Ebola disease and that too by the efforts of a young genius. Mark Leschinsky was just 9 years old when he felt the need of a self-disinfecting hazmat suit. The need of this invention struck him when he saw that despite wearing conventional overalls, many healthcare workers got infected while treating the affectees. This suit has three layers; an impassable inner layer, middle layer with pockets containing disinfecting solution and an external perforated layer to destroy any virus that sticks to the suit.

  1. LifeStraw

For all those adventure-loving fellows out there, this might just be your survival gadget. You never know when you will get yourself in a challenging situation, so it’s better to prepare for the worst right from the start. LifeStraw is your portable water purification system that doesn’t require chemicals, batteries, moving parts or electricity to work. So, even under the toughest conditions you won’t be left thirsty. Even though, LifeStraw removes nearly all the waterborne bacteria, but it cannot filter salt water, heavy metals, viruses and chemicals from the water. Nevertheless, it will ensure your survival while you’re out to explore.

  1. Fire Resistant Clothes

Fire hazards are uncalled for and when they come, they take thousands of lives up in flames, and those who survive get blisters and burns worse enough to deform their skin. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to worry about fire attacks. Your complete safety is in one piece of clothing. Fire Resistant Clothes (FRCs) come in affordable prices and look exactly like your typical clothes. They shield your skin from the fire while making you look presentable in front of others. The FRCs are must for those who often visit refineries, drilling rigs, combustible dust facilities, and constructions sites. FR shirts protect your torso, while FR pants make sure your lower body is fire-proof.

  1. LifeVac

This anti-choking device needs to be around all the time, as it can potentially save your life when you’re choking. LifeVac looks like a small suction device that is simple to use. The mask needs to be pressed on the mouth of someone who is choking, almost sealing it, and then the handle is pulled up to create a pumping action while holding the mask tightly.


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