Can Green Tea Improve Your Health?

Green Tea
Written by Jimmy Rustling

Have you heard about the health benefits associated with consuming green tea? Green tea has been used for centuries by Asian communities as a natural therapeutic and preventative remedy. What makes this tea leaf so special? How does it affect the body and mind? Let’s unlock the mystery behind this age-old remedy.

A Brief History of Green Tea

Green tea is grown in the mountainous regions of China, Taiwan, and Japan. The earliest recorded history of green tea being used as a natural remedy for health comes from Japan, where it was used as both a daily dietary requirement. Japan has a rich cultural history with green tea, serving it using a traditional tea ceremony to warriors heading out for battle, as well as those warriors that had returned from defending the nation.

China and Taiwan have green tea deeply embedded in its culture as well. Green tea has been used by their populations for thousands of years, as a therapeutic remedy to cure minor ailments and prevent the onset of disease.

The Antioxidant Effect of Green Tea

The secret ingredient of green tea are the plant phytosterols and catechins that are contained in the tea leaves. These catechins and phytosterols have a powerful antioxidant effect on the human body, clearing the blood of excess free radicals. Free radicals are destructive oxygen particles that oxidize cells, leading to cell death.

Free radicals can cause your skin to look older and wrinkled, as well as reduce your feeling of well-being. Lethargy, low-energy levels, foggy thinking, and reduced healing are all results of free radical damage on the body. Drinking green tea clears free-radicals from the blood and stops their negative health effects.

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Regularly drinking green tea will have a positive impact on health.The plant phytosterols and catechins work to actively reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the number one cause of impaired immune system, nervous system, and organ dysfunction. When the body is in an inflamed state, digestion is impaired.

The trillions of biomes that live in the GI tract struggle to assimilate nutrients from food and deliver them to the blood. This inflammatory effect comes from eating a diet that is high in sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Drinking green tea with meals actively works against the effects of inflammation and restores the balance of gut biomes in the GI tract. A low inflammatory environment in the gut allows the body to function at peak performance levels and may be one of the keys to the extended longevity of Asian communities.

Types of Green Tea

There are many different species of green tea that are grown primarily throughout the mountain ranges and hillsides of Taiwan, China, and Japan. Each species of green tea has its own unique medicinal and therapeutic properties. Green tea can be a healthy tea for weight loss as it improves metabolism and removes inflammation. Strong green tea concentrates can also be used to improve the efficiency and health of the cardiovascular system. Green tea extracts are used to reduce total triglycerides, as well as improve the lipid, or cholesterol, profile in the blood.

Where to Buy Green Tea

Green tea can be purchased at your local grocery store, however, most of the commercial name brands do not have the same medicinal and therapeutic effects as traditional green tea. For the best tea, purchase an imported brand that can be found at most Chinese retailers. This tea usually comes in vacuum sealed packages.

If you have trouble identifying the specific tea type, ask the shop vendor to explain the different varieties available to you. Avoid the commercial brands as they are not grown in the same regions as traditional green tea. Commercial growers also use pesticides and GMO practices that affect the total phytosterol content of the tea leaves.

In Closing

Green tea is a miracle of mother nature that has a myriad of health benefits when consumed regularly. To brew the perfect cup of green tea; take some boiled water and add it to a teapot. Place tea leaves in an infuser and then add the infuser to the water. Remove the infuser after 30 seconds and drain the water, this is called the wash. Then reintroduce the water and strainer to the pot and let the tea steep for two to three minutes for the perfect cup of green tea.

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