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The Doctors Who Are Breaking Down Boundaries

Doctors without borders
Written by Ben Davis

Doctors are super-clever and super-needed. We might like to hate on doctors; they have to break the news about terminal illnesses and then charge for the privilege, but without them, none of us would probably get any older than 45. All doctors are pretty special (and the nurses, of course), but there are some who truly go the extra mile to help people and there are those doctors who break down the stereotypes and boundaries that society places on itself.

Uterus Transplant

In Saudi Arabia, a uterus was transplanted between two living women, however the transplant failed after less than 100 days. Jump forward 11 years and doctors in Turkey managed to successfully transplant a uterus from a deceased donor, but so far the woman has not been able to have a baby. Luckily for modern medicine, scientists in Sweden successfully transplanted a uterus between two living women; a mother and daughter no less and in 2014 it was announced that a baby had in fact been born in Sweden after a successful transplant (although it was not disclosed who). Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Katrina Burgess, UK

Back over 5 years ago in Britain a 17 year old girl was involved in a horrific car accident which broke her back, neck, pelvis, left leg, and some ribs as well puncturing both her lungs. Doctors were almost certain she wouldn’t survive, but were determined to do their best to save her. Surgeons inserted 11 rods and a mass of nuts and bolts and today Katrina has made an almost full recovery. Some slight difficultly moving her neck and walking (and some emotional trauma) are all she has to remember that horrendous accident.

Cannabusiness Doctors

As I was saying in the intro about breaking down stereotypes across society; medical cannabis is now legal in many states and it’s helping a lot of people. Now, whilst there isn’t just one doctor who is leading the charge, as this marijuana doctor directory proves, it is still important work as medical marijuana brings relief to thousands of people across the country as well as dismantling the stigma associated.

Doctors Without Borders

You will have heard of Doctors Without Borders, as they are constantly mentioned on television and news stories, but apart from a vague sense that they travel the world doing ‘doctor-y stuff’ do we really know that much about them? I like to think about them as a real-life team of X-Men, who go to the worst areas affected by poverty, famine, and disease and truly make a difference to the lives of the people there. It is one of the true signs of human kindness and a prime example of pure selflessness.

Bonus: Supervet

Okay, not really a doctor, but this guy is amazing. Noel Fitzpatrick is an Irish vet, who may just be the world’s most famous – and most respected – veterinary surgeon. Supervet is a British television show I caught whilst I was over in England and it’s as brilliant as it is heart-breaking. This guy seemingly breaks away from the laws of science to create cures for animals. If you haven’t already, catch him on YouTube.

You have no idea how much I wanted to put Scrubs Dr. Cox in this list!

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