Escaping Addiction

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Escaping the clutches of addiction is life’s greatest challenge for anyone suffering from substance abuse issues. Drugs have become freely available and over prescribed leading to an addiction epidemic that has swept the United States.

Official statistics state that deaths due to overdose have now become the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. These frightening statistics prove that addiction has become a serious problem in modern western society.

If you, or someone that you care about, are struggling with addiction issues, here is a brief outline of how you can escape addiction and prevent relapse.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is defined as; a chronic disease or disorder that is characterized by compulsive use of substances, or a pattern of behavior that is self-destructive and incredibly challenging to control. Addiction is not limited to substance abuse alone, it can also be a repetitive behavior patterns, such as sex addiction.

Addicts often realize they have problems but feel powerless in controlling their body’s craving for the drug or behavior. This can lead to mental disorders such as psychosis, occurring as the addict struggles to control the voice within. Addicts often describe an overwhelming mental and biological response to these cravings and continue their abuse, even though they realize it is destroying their life.

Reaching Out For Help

The most important thing an addict can realize is that they do not have to face their plight alone. Addicts need a support group in order to lean on someone they can trust when they feel weak. This could be family or friends that are close to the addict and care about them. For those addicts that have neither of those available to them, there are support groups available with trained professionals whose job is to care.

An addict needs to reach out to these support structures and admit that they need help. Once the addict is ready to reform they can then undertake a detox and enter a recovery program. It is critical for the addict to reach out first, if they do not understand that they have a problem and are willing to change, the chances of relapse are far greater.

Natural Remedies to Assist Recovery

Recovery begins when the addict commits to a drug treatment program. This program sometimes consists of other drug treatments that are designed to wean the addict from the effects of the substance they are abusing. In the case of powerful opiates, such as heroin and opioid medications, cold turkey detox heroin withdrawals can be excruciating. Treatments such as methadone can ease the addict out of dependence and into freedom from the physical addiction.

During this phase of withdrawal, the body and mind can benefit from the following three alternative and natural remedies to ease physical and mental stress.

#1 Skullcap

A natural nervine agent, Scutellaria is a genus of the mint family, Lamiaceae. Known commonly as skullcaps, this herbal remedy helps to reduce the physical symptoms of physical withdrawal associated with cravings. Skullcap has the ability to help the addict through the initial first three to five days where physical pain may be unbearable at times.

#2 Milk Thistle

A useful herb for clearing the liver of the detrimental effects of abusing pills, drugs, and alcohol. Milk thistle absorbs the toxins held in the liver while restoring normal liver function. The liver has the capacity to regenerate itself, adding milk thistle to a nutritious diet will speed the process.

#3 Yoga and Meditation

The mind is the final frontier. While the physical withdrawal is torturous, it does end at some point. However, the mental addiction to the drug will continue for years after the addict has freed themselves from physical addiction. The practice of yoga will help the addict control their thoughts and emotions when they are tempted to relapse.

Avoiding Relapse

An addict will be addicted to their vice of choice for their entire lives. If they ever relapse, they will rapidly deteriorate to their previous state of addiction. Avoiding relapse is critical and as time passes, the addict will eventually find the most important part of their recovery is their support group. Addicts need to know that they are not in this alone and have someone to turn to for support when they are weak.


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