Importance of Health in the Workplace

health in the workplace
Written by Ben Davis

Creating a positive, safe and healthy work environment is a factor that should be considered by any company.  A healthy workplace means more productive employees, and more productive employees mean a better-running organization. This is why it is crucial to watch over health not only as common sense, but from a business standpoint as well.

Healthy Employers

When employers are healthy, it causes an overall increase in work performance and productivity for the entire team. Their reduced absenteeism due to sickness not only allows them to get more done, but their presence also motivates their employees to do the same as well.

A good employer being present is likely to improve staff morale and motivation. They can also continue to train and develop employees that need it, thus increasing the organization’s efficiency. Being at work more often can also strengthen their relationships with employees since employee concerns can be voiced out in person.

Healthy Employees

Healthy employees translate into a smoother running organization. Aside from the obvious negative impact on productivity caused by health-related absenteeism, the increase in physical health and mental wellbeing can lead to an improvement in morale, motivation, and overall job satisfaction.

In an article on OHS online, marijuana use has been linked to an increased number of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Meanwhile, healthier employees have better cognitive function, are more alert, and are less likely to cause workplace accidents.

This also saves the company from sick pay costs and insurance costs. Relationships between the employees are also improved as the pressure for covering those who are absent due to ill-health would be lessened. The less unnecessary pressure there is, the better it is for their morale.

Perception of Customers

If employees are healthy, it reflects the high standards of health, safety, and wellbeing the company has. This shows customers that the company takes corporate responsibility seriously, providing them with a positive public image. It is not too far an assumption for them to consider that if a company puts that much effort into the well-being of their employees, they would put as much effort in their products or services as well.

Ways to Promote Health and Avoid Health Risks

Employees who are constantly sick and those who abuse substances may cause a disturbance to themselves and others. That said, simple medical and drug exams such as a saliva drug test can be administered to oversee the health and safety of employees.

Advocacy is a key factor in keeping the workplace healthy. To help with that, the company can set up a workplace health program to provide structure and activities that support the health of employees in the company. Something as simple as providing fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of junk food can raise their awareness. If the company can afford it, they can also develop lunch catering programs that serve healthy meals.

Physical activities such as stretching exercises are another way to help improve their health. Keeping the workplace clean not only reduces the chance for illness, but also makes the work environment look organized which may improve employees’ morale.

Sick days and workers compensation have affected most companies with a significant loss. The best way to reap the benefits of a healthy workplace is to act on it. Consider making your work environment a more healthy and safe place to work in. This, in turn, will not only benefit the business but improve your health outside of work as well.

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