Why Nursing is a Great Career Choice If You Want to Travel the World

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Written by Ben Davis

There are lots of reasons why you might want to have the ability to work in other countries, whether it is because you see yourself moving overseas in the course of your working life or would like the freedom to go on a prolonged traveling period and still be able to support yourself wherever you go. There are some jobs that obviously lend themselves to travel, but don’t necessarily make you as employable at home, for example teaching English as a foreign language, but there are not that many career paths that can allow you to easily find a job anywhere in the country or overseas. One field, however, where there is a lot of demand everywhere, is nursing. Here, we look at why studying to work in nursing, for example doing an RN to BSN online course, can give you a whole range of global opportunities:

High Demand

Nurses, even those who do not have a specialism, are in high demand everywhere for a number of reasons. For one thing, no matter where a community is, as long as there are people, there will be healthcare needs and nurses are at the core of meeting them. Secondarily, nurses are needed around the clock, which means more employment than in jobs that are not essential 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thirdly, because of the work involved, in lots of places nowhere near enough people study nursing and can work as nurses to fill that demand, creating a big skills gap. This means you should have no difficulty moving wherever you want to live if you are able to work in nursing.


Another advantage nurses have because of the skills gap in their field in so many countries is that countries that are otherwise hard to officially emigrate to actually welcome them, and make the process of gaining the right to work in the country as simple as possible for people who can help them meet their demand for good nurses. Many countries, like Australia, have immigration policies that are heavily based around professional skills, and nursing is almost universally in demand. If you are trying to plan a career and wouldn’t want to rule out emigrating permanently to another country, then as a nurse, you would have a lot more options than in many other professions.

Helping Others

Of course, being a nurse isn’t a choice you make just for these kinds of practical benefits and job availability. You also need to be someone who cares about helping people. Nurses, along with other medical professionals, can have the option to also travel to less fortunate places and do healthcare work for charities. If the idea of spending some of your career helping improve lives in poor countries appeals to you, again, nursing is a wonderful career path to take.

These are just three of the reasons why nursing can be a good career choice if you hope that you’ll get to travel the world in the course of your professional life!

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