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Written by Ben Davis

There are numerous techniques by which we can tone up our bodies and remove the extra bit of flab. First of all fitness is very important if you want to keep on being an active part of this life. Your health and fitness is the primary key to a happy and contented lifestyle. If you are not fit you could be prone to diseases like heart disease, arthritis and even Diabetes. All these diseases can occur if you are not up to the mark and you have zero workouts in your life. Start from walking; gradually turn that into brisk walking and finally running. This is our first fitness technique.


If you are overweight and do not have a healthy life style you could start by walking a few minutes daily. This would send positive signals to your mind and you will be happier compared to condition when you were not walking. The same applies to the slimmer people; they need running as much as the fat ones do. Running requires doesn’t require much effort. All you need is strong legs and the will to take a step forward. Just keep saying this to yourself that I can do it and you will do it. Get motivated because this is your life and you can’t risk it for some Godforsaken reasons. So start running a mile or two before you get mentally or physically incapacitated somehow which would prevent you from this tried and tested fitness technique.

Using Medicine Balls:

This is a ball that is available in the local gyms or you could easily buy it online. Maybe try medicine balls by TurnerMAX, they are a rather new fitness fanatic and they make some great fitness equipment. There are different weights for these medicine balls. Buy an 8 kg or 10 kg one which ever suits you the best and start working your butt out. Because that is how you could shed some calories and lose the extra fat that has been piling up on your beautiful body for years. Give it a few minutes every day and you’ll feel the difference.


Boxing is not a sport for the officials or the professionals anymore; it has now become part of the homes of the common man. The reason for this is its handiness and the amount of excitement it generates for a normal human being. For instance you could get yourself a punch bag or a speed ball with a pair of boxing gloves, you could easily embrace a life that you always wanted in which health and fitness were your top most priority. By the way Turner Sports UK, a relatively new kid on the block is making gloves that are durable yet economical. You could also buy punch/kick pads and bags from them as per your own liking. Kicking the bag with your fist or with your legs could easily make sure you don’t get infected by the unhealthy elements in the society we live in.


It is a laborious task to think about weightlifting and making it part of your daily routine. The dumbbells or the adjustable weight plates are some of the key tools of weight lifting. If you hit the gym regularly this could be your health and fitness technique to beat the gloom in your life and be happy to embrace the fitter side of life. The stress leaves your body and soul along with the sweat. Anyhow it is an essential technique to overcome any health and fitness deficiencies.

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Swimming needs to be part of your life as a child. As a child you could learn swimming easily and as you grow up and swimming is part of your daily habits you could never be touched by the negativities and the sad aspect of this life. You are bound to be happy and strong both mentally and physically. Swimming is a complete work out and the amount of energy that is dissipated while swimming is extra ordinary. You should be able to lose that extra bit of blubber very easily. As a grown up adult swimming provides a helping hand in keeping you in shape thus beautifying you and making you more graceful.


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