Use Cosmetic Laser Dermatology to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Rejuvenate Your Skin
Written by Ben Davis

Has age caught up with you and you can’t help but wish that your skin looked a couple of years younger? Do you also have undesirable hair in certain body parts which you keep on removing through painful processes? Most of you who answer yes to the questions would indeed like the idea of cosmetic laser dermatology. Laser skin treatment is the chosen path for many for rejuvenating skin and looking several years younger.

What is cosmetic laser dermatology?

It is the use of thermal light for a variety of purposes. Cynosure lasers, which are the best in the industry, are used. These can treat a whole range of problems in a very less invasive and hassle free manner.

What kind of problems can cosmetic laser dermatology cure?

Skin imperfections, acne, wrinkles, spots and sun damage can be cured with laser technology. Cynosure Elite laser treatment is generally used to treat hyperpigmentation. Cynosure Affirm works best for pigmentation flaws and skin renewal. You can also seek help for reduction of cellulite and loose and sagging skin. Acne scars or stretch marks too can be reduced and you can achieve youthful looking skin. Collagen growth is stimulated which results in younger looking skin. Undesirable body hair too, can be removed through laser therapy.

Different kinds of laser treatments:

Skin resurfacing:

Aimed to tackle aging skin, fractional laser skin resurfacing is used to rejuvenate your skin by vaporizing the damaged cells in your skin.  It aims at making fine lines and wrinkles disappear without women having to undergo painful procedures. Stretch marks, acne marks and melasma too can be treated using this technology. This laser skin technology has indeed paved the way for alternate solutions of looking years younger with practically no recovery time as it is very small extent invasive.

Fractional Carbon dioxide laser treatments:

This treatment is mainly used for smoothening uneven pigmentation, lessening the look of pores and softening wrinkles. Micro-ablative fractional CO2 treatment has one big benefit, which is that you can go on to applying makeup and leading a very normal lifestyle in just about three days after the treatment. It is a painless process that involves deep seated skin cells and ultimately makes you skin look and feel great.

Hair removal treatments:

Unwanted hair is an issue that bothers women of all generations, especially unwanted facial hair. Waxing and threading and other processes leave women feeling pained and with rashes and other problems. Laser skin treatment for removing unwanted hair is a onetime solution that will save you from rushing to the beauty salon every two weeks. Cynosure Elite MPX Laser System is the product used to give you a long term solution that is effective in lessening or removing facial hair.

Hyperpigmentation treatments:

Dark patches on the face attract too many unwanted comments and questions and most women can do without them. The Cynosure Elite MPX Laser System aims at removing dark patches on the face, shoulders, chest and arms without causing pain or trouble. It can also help reduce freckles or spots caused due to the sun.

What is crucial in the process of a laser skin treatment is that you consult an expert or a doctor who will take into account your medical background and can suggest the appropriate treatment for your skin. Different treatments will lead to different results in different individuals as each one boasts of a unique kind of skin. However, the common factor is that laser treatment is a solution for all those who face skin issues and want a long term solution which will not require them to go under the needle or undergo any other painful process.


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