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How to ease any move in California without too much effort

How to move in California
Written by Ben Davis

What is a move? Changing a place of living or current location can turn into a real nightmare if you are not prepared in a proper manner. Tons of boxes, duct tape and scissors might save us only in the case we live alone and are not addicted to shopping or home improvement.

A regular Californian families usually live in big comfortable houses surrounded by pretty little and big items that make it all cozy. This is why they need some help from movers mission Viejo CA with moving all their things. What we get in this case is a perfect service, free materials and quick move.

In case you have decided to save some cash and do it all on your own – get ready for a big challenge and check if you’ve taken into consideration all aspects.


This is the very first thing to take care of before moving anything in your home. What we will definitely need is:

  • Paper boxes. The bigger – the better. Take double more boxes than you expect to use. That will never be an extra expense as we usually are not aware of how many things we have in our rooms.
  • Duct tape. Just like the first item – it is never enough. No matter how much you get – it will demand a double take.
  • Do not forget these ones as unmarked boxes in the new place will cause you a lot of troubles and will take way much longer time for unboxing.
  • We all have fragile stuff at least in the kitchen. Not to let it crack – wrap carefully in paper. There is some choice of wrappings that are sturdier than paper but made of plastic and can harm the environment.


No matter how many people live in your apartment – find some extra pairs of hands. Packing in the tiniest apartment might take one day or two. Is there any need to explain what awaits you in a house with at least two bedrooms?

If you have a garage – at least three people needed to get it prepared there. A store room is another difficulty, especially if it is big.


Want to use your regular car? Then your move will last for weeks or months. Take care of a big truck – that will hardly save you money, but as for time – for sure. Transport should be ordered in advance. Some companies can count what size truck body you need. The others will demand such countings from you.

As you can see, any move is a real headache and no matter what you do – there is still a risk something will go wrong. So, maybe, we should trust the professionals and let all our troubles go away?



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