Waldo’s Colorful Past Revealed in Recently-Discovered Photos

Written by Willi Schmid

The Library of Congress has released a series of compelling photographs depicting Waldo (of ‘Where’s Waldo’ fame) participating in some of the 20th century’s most bloody political conflicts.

In one moment, Waldo is spotted colluding with Trotsky, in another he’s swimming naked with Ernst Rohm. It’s difficult to know just what in fact Waldo was fighting for.

Arlo Laakari, a historian who teaches at Floater College, said “Waldo has turned out to be a remarkable figure. He bore witness to some of the century’s most pivotal moments.”

But Laakari isn’t so sure of Waldo’s political leanings. “I don’t think he really cared which side he fought for, so long as he was killing people. He couldn’t get enough of it.”

One thing is for sure, we’ll never look at Waldo the same.

Waldo with Hitler in Berlin, July 1934.

Waldo rounded up by Pinochet’s men, September 1973.

Waldo witnesses the overthrow of Czarist Russia.

Waldo had a complicated set of ideological principles, appearing left-wing in some instances and right-wing in others. Here we find him marching with Franco’s Nationalist faction, 1944.

Waldo with the Bolsheviks at the height of their power.

Waldo at Franco’s victory in a battle against Republican anarchists.

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Willi Schmid

Willi Schmid, PhD is a journalist and historian living in Hot Springs, FL. He teaches Political Science at the University of South Central Florida and is professor emeritus at Floater College. When he isn't busy writing or teaching, he likes to run naked in the woods and torture small mammals.

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