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How To Choose TV Stand Size

How to choose a TV stand size
Written by Ben Davis

When you look for a TV stand, you should take a number of measures into consideration. The size of your stand should fit the function of the room and be harmonized with other pieces of furniture.

Some basic characteristics are listed below; they can help you to choose a right stand for your TV set. You can see some differet TV stands at Furniture In Fashion store.

1. Functionality. Basically, you need to decide what kind of functions your stand is going to be used for. If it is only a rack for TV set – the size can be minimized and measured solely to hold the screen; although, if you are going to likewise use it is a holder for souvenirs or books, consider buying a bigger stand with numerous suitable sections.

2. The room’s purpose. Every single type of room in your house would demand different size and type of TV stand. A living room is all about comfort and design: a stand should be big enough to hold TV and decorations, should have the perfect height for the dead center of TV screen to be on the eye level of a sitting viewer etc. A bedroom stand can be simpler, or you can use a drawer as a stand (remember that a stand for the bedroom should have a small width – you need to leave some space for walking). A kitchen stands should obviously have some secondary functions, we suggest to choose a higher stand with useful shelves. If you would like to have a TV set in your bathroom, we recommend you to use a hanger instead of a stand.

3. A screen size. This feature strongly correlates with safety. Choosing a TV of a large size (which is quite popular nowadays) requires searching for the best TV stand. Your TV set should be centered on the surface of a stand (or at least relatively centered). Also, try to find a stand with an appropriate width so that your TV will comfortably fit. When it comes to smaller screens, it seems to be lass problematic to find a suitable stand. Although, do not forget to balance sizes of a stand and the TV set of otherwise the design of your room would be ruined.

4. The weight of TV. Always elaborately check if your future stand is suitable for carrying the weight of TV set. Vice versa, if you already have a stand, consider revising its carrying ability. A bigger stand does not necessarily mean a stronger stand. Do not forget that maximum weight capacity assumed the particular stand to be put together perfectly. So you doubt the weight capacity of a certain stand, consider buying the one with a comfortable greater load capacity than the weight of your TV.

5. Basic material. Last but not the least, the material is related to strength and decorative functions. A stand of solid wood fits a warm leaving room with a working fireplace; plastic and metal stands often have a lesser weight capacity, but perfect for high-tech interiors. So bear in mind that your primary safety aim is to choose the strong enough stand; unfortunately, when it comes to expensive modern TV screens, design solutions remain subordinate.

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