Furanylfentanyl Is Bad – Will Kill You – SCAM

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Your heart rate goes through the roof.

Your teeth will fall out. It will wipe the enamel right off your white teeth with just one 24-48 hour usage. Furanylfentany will wear your tooth enamel away with one use.

fu-fentanyl wears your tooth enamel awayThis research chemical (RC) is bad news.

Your body will deteriorate from the inside out.

Furanylfentany is sold as a cheaper version of Fentanyl.

This is not a regular opiate… this will potentially kill you. Do not use. The things about Furanylfentanyl or Fu-fentanyl and the wearing away of tooth enamel is real. One Anonymous user said, “I used fufentanyl once and almost lost my teeth. The top and bottom part of eight teeth are rotted away, the enamel on them is gone, and that is from only using two grams. It was either a bad batch of this RC or this drug is just pure evil and should be avoided at all costs!”

Fufentanyl also causes kidney failure very easily. One anonymous user said, “If it wasn’t for the gallons of cranberry juice and water I drank, I surely would have died. I couldn’t urinate and almost went into total renal failure.”

A personal experience:
I bought two grams for pain relief from an accident I had, dissolved them in water, then put that water in a nasal spray container. This amount is either too much, or it was a bad RC, but within 48 hours my teeth’s enamel on 6 of my teeth were halfway gone and dark brown. I also had trouble urinating and probably would have had renal failure if I hadn’t drinkin a bunch of water and 100% cranberry juice. Just a personal experience of mine and something to think about if you’re going to try Furanylfentanyl. Take care!

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This is a research chemical not to be used. Get the real Fentanyl or nothing at all.

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