Furanylfentanyl Is Bad – Will Kill You – SCAM

Written by Darius Rubics

Your heart rate goes through the roof.

Your teeth will fall out. It will wipe the enamel right off your white teeth with just one usage. Fu-fentanyl will wear your tooth enamel away with one use.

fu-fentanyl wears your tooth enamel awayThis research chemical (RC) is bad news.

Your body will deteriorate from the inside out.

Sold as fentanyl.

This is not a regular opiate… this will kill you. Do not use. The things about Furanylfentanyl or Fu-fentanyl and the wearing away of tooth enamel is real. One Anonymous user said, “I used fufentanyl once and almost lost my teeth. The top and bottom part of eight teeth are rotted away, the enamel on them is gone, and that is from only using two grams.”

Fufentanyl also causes kidney failure very easily. One anonymous user said, “If it wasn’t for the gallons of cranberry juice and water I drank, I surely would have died.”

This is a research chemical not to be used. Get the real fentanyl or nothing at all.

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Darius Rubics

Dr. Darius Rubics has won many awards including a Peabody and Pulitzer Prize. When he is not being a wonderful husband to his beautiful wife of 12 years, he is teaching their adopted 8-year-old daughter from Pakistan how to read and write.

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