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The Best Philadelphia Eagles of All Time

Philadelphia Eagles rumors
Written by Peter Walken

Philadelphia Eagles have always been more than a team. They are a symbol of both Philadelphia and the NFL. When they were at their best, their city flourished and the NFL was in its prime. When they were down, so was everything else. However, it was always the the players who tailored the fate of the team, so in that light we present you with the best Philadelphia Eagles of all time.

1.   Reggie White

There is an urban belief that defense never gets enough credit and that the receiver and the quarterback are all that audience values in a team. This however, couldn’t be more wrong and Reggie White is a living example of this. The renowned Eagles’ Minister of Defense was the player back in the late 1980s Eagles roster. It was on his performance that victory or defeat were decided and on his every decision lingered the outcome of the game. If you ask any Philadelphia Eagles fan for an opinion on Reggie White, they will tell you that even today, he would dominate the field of Lincoln Financial Field, same as he did in the old Veterans Stadium.

2.   Randall Cunningham

Without doubt, a player such as Randall Cunningham deserves a spot on any NFL-related list, be it for Eagles, 1990s or all time. They were many players who, in their prime dominated the field as Cunningham did, however none did it as gracefully. Spins, flips, jukes, high-stepping scrambles, and deep bombs became something ordinary and regular for him and as far as signal calling goes, it would be safe to assume that Randall Cunningham was second to none.

3.   Vince Papale

Even though his performance couldn’t be measured with the likes of White or Cunningham, if we compose this list based on the spirit of a sportsman, then Papale (or Rocky as Eagles’ fans liked to call him), would most definitely come in on top. Starting his professional career at the age of 30 after some serious failures in life, the story of Vince Papale is truly an incredible one. Like a proper phoenix, this local boy from Philadelphia was reborn from ashes and had played two full seasons for Eagles, from 1976 to 1978. Even the Hollywood blockbuster Invincible (2006) was based on his exploits.

4.   Donovan McNabb

Speaking of a great quarterback, almost any Eagles’ fan will first come up with the name of Donovan McNabb. With his brilliant leadership as a starting quarterback, he led his team into NFC Championship Game five times in period from 2001 to 2008. Truly impressive feat and sufficient on its own to earn him a spot amongst the best Philadelphia eagles of all time.

5.   Vinny Curry

In order not to condemn our list to be a nostalgic one we need to include Vinny Curry as one of the most talented defensive ends of the generation. In fact, Curry is such an asset to the team that in the previous period, most of the Philadelphia Eagles rumors revolved around him and his transfers. Be as it may, Vinny Curry is a part of the team and there is no confirmed information of it not being so in the nearest future.

All in all, composing team of only 5 players amongst such NFL giants is not an easy task. One could even argue that there is seldom an Eagle out there who doesn’t deserve a spot in this glorious company.

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