Trump Tweets Apology to McCain

Written by Willi Schmid

“I have a big heart,” President Trump told the press Friday morning. “I really do. I’ve known John for many years. People don’t know that. The tweet was long overdue.”

In what seemed to be a complete reversal from his 2016 campaign strategy, President Trump tweeted a heartfelt apology to Sen. John McCain.

“I did it because it was long overdue,” Trump reiterated. “John is a great guy. He really is.”

But the president insisted on setting the record straight.

“He did call me that horrible thing once. I can’t even repeat what he said. It’s so horrible. But I forgive him. I really do.”

When asked to specify McCain’s insult, the president got defensive.

“I’ve sacrificed for this country too, OK? I’ve built things. John can’t build things.”

Cassandra Schmidt, 30, was an apprentice of McCain’s who also campaigned for him in 2008. While on the Straight Talk Express, Schmidt heard McCain refer to Trump as a D**CK RIDER.

“It’s true,” Schmidt told reporters. “But when news reached Trump, it came out as DRAFT DODGER. It’s like kids playing telephone. The original message always gets distorted.”

On air this afternoon, McCain seemed pleased though a bit surprised.

“He doesn’t owe me an apology,” McCain told Kasey Hunt of MSNBC. “It was just Donald being Donald. It’s not as if he discredited me on live TV.”

When Hunt asked what he thought of the president’s weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago, McCain shrugged.

“Liberal media gossip is of no concern to me. Let’s instead talk about that real issues that face Americans,” McCain said.

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