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Written by Jimmy Rustling

When you’re hurt in a car accident or in another type of accident, you might assume that there’s nothing you can do. You may even have other people telling you that the accident was your fault or that you have no chance for recovery. Instead of taking their word for it and continuing to suffer, you owe it to yourself to get a free auto injury consultation with experienced car accident lawyers. An experienced attorney can evaluate your case using their knowledge of the law and the courts in order to hep you determine if you have a right to recovery.

Accident basics

When someone else’s negligence results in your injury, you have a right to bring a case against the responsible person for your damages. They should pay for your out of pocket losses. You can also ask for extra amounts because your injuries impact your daily life and because the accident caused you physical and emotional suffering. Louisiana law wants injured victims to have a path to rebuild their life after they’re hurt in an accident.

The police aren’t the final answer

If police responded to the accident, they may have made a crash report. They might have determined who they believed was at fault. You may have even received a ticket.

It’s important to keep in mind that the police aren’t the final answer. Police sometimes make mistakes. They have other things to think about besides civil laws and future claims for recovery. It’s up to a jury to determine fault. It’s important to have a consultation with an experienced attorney in order to get a legal opinion from an expert about where fault may lie in the case.

Comparative negligence

Another important reason to seek a consultation after an accident is that Louisiana uses comparative negligence in order to determine your recovery. That means, even if you did something wrong that contributed to the accident, you still might be able to recover for part of your damages. If you have severe injuries, this can help you get at least some relief.

For example, if you and another person both make driving errors that contribute to a crash, the jury can decide what percent of the accident is because of your actions. The court reduces your damage award by that amount, but you can still recover for the rest. It’s important not to assume that you can’t recover before you consult with an expert attorney who can explain how this might play out in your case.

Building your case

At a consultation, you can discuss options to build your case. Often times, an attorney can take steps to prepare the case in order to present a clear picture to the jury of what happened to cause your injuries and why you deserve recovery. They can employ accident reconstruction experts who look at the evidence surrounding the crash in order to determine what really happened. At your consultation, your experienced attorney can talk about these case preparation methods and what you might be able to do in order to present a strong case to the jury.

A case consultation is your chance to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You learn how the law applies to your case. The attorney listens to your story and explains whether you have a chance to recover under Louisiana law and how much you might recover. They’ll tell you about the legal process and what you can expect if you decide to pursue a case. Armed with this information, you can make the best possible decisions about your case. Whether you decide to pursue a claim or not, you can have confidence that you’re making informed decisions and pursuing the best possible course of action.

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