Beyond the Bedding: Best Bedroom Decor Tips for Any Home

Bedroom Decor Tips
Written by Ben Davis

Your bedroom is the room in your house that is most you – and so getting the right bedroom furniture is crucial. A bed is a must, of course, but what other pieces should you think about when deciding on the layout of your sleeping space? The major point to consider is that because you sleep in the room, it should be a place of sanctuary and understated elegance conducive to getting a good night’s rest, but with enough heart to really allow you to call it your own. Putting together a bedroom is fairly simple and can be a lot of fun too.

Decor Tips

Here are some tips to consider when choosing furniture and bedding decor for your bedroom.

  • A comfortable rug: make sure your first step of the day isn’t onto a cold, hard floor. Nothing ruins a happy morning like cold feet!
  • A theme: decorative themes can really make a bedroom feel like home, and can be a unifying and calming device.
  • Throw pillows: the right number of these is up to you, but it should allow your bed to look inviting and sumptuous when properly made. Two to six should do it.
  • Seating places: specifically, places that are not the bed. Great for putting on shoes or checking email so that you can leave tech out of the bed.
  • No tech: speaking of tech, try your best to leave your i-everything at the door, and you’ll sleep better and be happier. Nobody really needs a smartphone in bed.
  • Things you love: this is something else that will allow you to feel truly at home and happy in your space. Be careful not to crowd it though.
  • Well-stocked nightstands: a glass of water, a lamp and a book go a long way to providing comfort before, after and during interrupted sleep.
  • A great mattress: if you can’t get quality sleep you can’t appreciate a gorgeous room – so make sure your mattress keeps you cool and gives you great lumbar support.
  • Non-family photographs: try instead elegant and calming snaps that don’t remind you of specific people while you’re trying to fall asleep.
  • Drama: aim for dark, sexy glamour even in the most elegant bedroom – a few dramatic pieces and you’re golden.

Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

If you sleep in a small space, you might want to consider the following possibilities to make your room seem bigger than it actually is.

First, don’t just shove all the furniture against the wall – try for some breathing room around your bed. This can lend the appearance of more space. And investing in multi-functional furniture, like an ottoman with built-in storage, or folding chairs and tables, is a great way to ensure that your room is streamlined.

Pale colours on the wall such as white, cream, pale grey and blue can keep your room light, airy and open, and sticking to just one colour will also help with this. Colour coding is a good idea in general, as is using a dark ceiling to create depth while drawing the eye upward using fun fixtures, creating the illusion of height.

Good use of mirrors is a great way to increase both light levels and the feeling of openness, as is leaving your windows uncovered. Finally, consider using one large statement piece instead of lots of small pieces of furniture – it will help to reduce clutter and allow the room to seem more open.


Ensure when choosing your bedroom decor that you consider ways to emphasize the fact that your bedroom is your own place, and is a restful place to be in: consider no tech, include things you love, an inviting theme, and well-stocked nightstands, among other possibilities. Further, make the room seem larger using tricks like mirrors and light colours on the walls – with an appropriate colour scheme – as well as using larger pieces of furniture with gaps around them, as well as pieces that are multi-functional.

If you follow these simple steps, then you will have a warm, inviting bedroom in no time, and one in which you will be able to fall asleep swiftly and easily.

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