Big City Girls vs Small Town Girls: Who Would You Choose?

big city girls and small city girls
Written by Jimmy Rustling

Western men fancy Russian girls. Since the arrival of online dating, the sites has been crowded with men fixed on idea of dating one of those gorgeous Russian ladies. The main problem with Russian dating, is that “girl from Russia” is a way broader meaning than just Moscow and St. Petersburg. It comes as no surprise that the largest country in the world has more cities and towns than just two. Knowing where your girlfriend comes from is crucial, as it is the only way to figure out where would Russian women like to live when in another country. Although, everything should be considered individually. Maybe you’d find a girl from Moscow who would like to live in rural America or a girl from the village, who would enjoy living in New York.

Besides, small town girls and big city girls in Russia differ greatly. Knowledge of that difference is crucial, if you want to figure out what kind of Russian girl fits you better. So, without further ado, let’s dig some information on the difference between girls from big cities and girls from small towns.


Don’t worry, girls from small towns are as beautiful as girls from big cities. What is different is clothes. You definitely know that Russian women have a different attitude towards outfit than western women. While western women prefer to dress casually, Russian women prefer luxurious clothes. Moreover, they like to wear them on a daily basis.

The difference between those from big cities and those from small towns is quite simple. Women in Moscow can allow themselves buying clothes from different boutiques, while girls from small towns dress more meek and buy the vast majority of clothes at second hand shops.


You’ve definitely heard a million times why western men are after Russian women. Because Russian women prefer good old family values. They are much more family-oriented than western women are. The accept traditional gender roles, and they put the man first. Yep, it’s true, as well as the fact that feminism had lesser impact in Russia, thus you won’t find that much women obsessed with the idea of building a successful career. Though, is there a difference between the women from big cities and small towns in this case? Yes, there is.

It goes the same everywhere, women in big cities are more inclined to follow the path of emancipation. Thus, you can find Russian women from big cities that are more or less like western women. Yes, they try to build career, but the don’t neglect the idea of becoming a good wife and a good mother. They don’t like an idea of being the main family supplier as well, as they consider it to be man’s role.

When it comes to girls from small towns, here you have all of those traditional family values. Women from small towns are known for their self-sacrifice. For them, man is a central figure in their life. The worst thing such a woman can do is to disagree with her husband. Her main dream is to become a great wife and great mother, and keep her husband happy.

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