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Family Doctors: Finding the Right One For Your Family

Written by Frank Kremer

Every family requires a good physician, but it may also be challenging to find one. Most physicians have an installed base of victims, and also it can be challenging to find one with time to take new patients. It’s also a challenge to find a physician in Canada GP that you are comfortable with.

A family physician in Halifax is able to treat the entire family, from parents to kids. However, not every doctor is suited to this. Some still have old fashioned ideals about women or aren’t good with kids. Sometimes it can take a bit to search out the right person for your family.

How do you go about finding the best family GP? Word of mouth is a great way to get someone trustworthy. When someone else recommends a doctor, it is very probable that they are doing so because they are happy with the results and with the physician’s bedside manner. Getting someone to recommend a doc to you doesn’t guarantee that he or she is right for your family, but it is a excellent start.

There are a few things to look for in a doctor. First of all, it’s best to encounter someone who is equally good with adults and children, even if there aren’t any in the family yet. This ensures that the family can grow and not have to change GPs. Not all GPs are good with kids, so take the time to do some research.

A great doctor will also have space in his or her schedule to admit new patients. This is becoming increasingly harder for practitioners as there are so many patients. Most people don’t like to wait several weeks or months for an appointment, so it’s best to look for someone who can set up appointments within two to three weeks. Emergencies should be accommodated, as well.

One thing that can help with the frequent unavailability of a physician is to look into a clinic setting where several practitioners work and patients are moved between them, according to who is available on any given day. While this offers less chance to get to know just one person, it does ensure that there will always be someone attending. It might be a good idea to meet everyone who works at the clinic first and check out their credentials to see if the clinic is a good fit for your family.

Some people prefer to see a younger doctor, knowing that it is less likely he or she will retire anytime soon. That’s not a guarantee though, and many people are quite the opposite, preferring an older, more experienced GP. The choice depends on personal preference in the end.

Finding great family doctor in Quebec isn’t always easy. Once the perfect one is found, however, it’s worth it. Having someone the entire family can see, who is personable and knowledgeable and who is able to see patients relatively quickly, is invaluable. It is worth the time it takes to find the best person to see, since hopefully it will be a very long term relationship.


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