To Follow or Not to Follow Online Dating Trend for a Niche Dating Site?

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Written by Jimmy Rustling

The dating industry can hardly be imagined without Internet and mobile applications today. Though, in the distant 1695 when no of the above technologies existed, people still wanted to find good partners and published personal ads in the newspapers to reach the hearts.

That means matchmaking is more than 320 years old, at least. And by 2017 it peaked and developed to the point when dating business goes all-in on the differentiation strategy and offers special products (dating sites) for special segments of people (like military, divorced one, single parents, menage a trios, LGBT communities, eco-friendly folks etc) taking into account their special needs. This trend brings rural people to a farmer dating site and those who are hooked on gaming to Gamer Dating.

The logic is simple, but before choosing your niche dating site it would be useful to know the following things about them.

  • Not all users of niche sites may be true to the given niche

It happens not because users want to scam other people. The reason is why is that dating service running networks of matchmaking sites may incorporate profiles from a general site to a niche one. It may look like a person who ticked ‘fitness’ in the profile of one site was shifted to the fitness dating site just because he/she once went to the gym for a month. Generally speaking, that person can hardly be named a fit one, but his/her profile will be suggested to you on the niche dating site designed for fit people.

  • A niche site offers fewer profiles

We all have different interests; therefore, a group of people having the same favorite activities comprises fewer people than the whole society does. By this reason a niche dating being the gathering spot for people loving vegetarian food, biking, heavy metal and so on is not able to offer as many candidates as mainstream websites does.

At the same time, these distinctive features make niche dating sites attractive. Here is why.

  • By joining a niche dating site you can be sure that all users have at least one thing in common. That makes any communication easier, gives the ground for breaking the ice and makes searches faster.
  • You will not have to explain why this interest is so important for you, and why you like pets instead of cars and so on.
  • The fear of being rejected is not so strong, because you know that there is just one thing that unites you and your potential partner.
  • More than that, such kind of specialized dating sites gives you a feeling as though all of you are members of big family. You share info about coming events and discuss your opinions.
  • Despite a number of users is not so big, that does not play a big part, because the quality of interaction compensates any lack of people.

If you still have doubts, try both general dating sites and specialized ones to understand which of them fits you best.

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