Harem Pants: They’re Coming Back

Written by Frank Kremer

Hip-Hop Pants Make A Rebound

If you’re not familiar with hip-hop pants, they’re a melding of style and utility intended to put a certain spin on a given performance. They’re generally a kind of pants that are loose around the waist, but tight around the calves and ankle. The term “harem” describes them well, you’d recognize an older form of these pants from ancient middle-eastern antiquity.


In those days, the middle eastern kings of Arab descent were reputed to have massive harems filled with young girls (who did eventually age) adorned in flowering silks and garments that had many of the features which define a dress, but were yet technically pants. Such garments had the blessing of utility in the desert, and the delicateness of royalty.


Modern harem pants, also called hip-hop pants, don’t quite have the same manner of elegance surrounding them; but they have similar utility and style. They started being popular primarily in the very late seventies through the mid-nineties. The baggy-pants phenomenon in hip-hop communities is at least partly due to harem pants.


Many young people were looking to emulate that “cool” style seen in all the rap videos. But they didn’t have the budget or resources, so they just started wearing their pants baggy. This isn’t quite the same thing, and certainly isn’t a solution for a dance number.

Treading The Line Between Sensuality And Humor

Especially when it comes to dances, you need costuming solutions that evince a certain feeling while communicating the performance’s aesthetic; but you need clothing solutions that stay on during the performance. Modern harem pants sourced through a dancewear provider are specifically designed to do precisely this.


Such pants have made an exceptional comeback in the modern dancing environment, and as a result you can source them from high-quality providers in a cornucopia of styles. According to, a purveyor of fine dancewear and accessories, harem pants have the potential to: “Give your performance a bold, playful edge.”


There’s a lot to be said for playfulness in a dance exhibition. When it comes to advertisement, two things sell better than practically anything else. Those two things are: sex, and humor. With your dance company, it is possible you’ll be able to utilize the sensual aspect of “selling” your show to the “buying” audience. But there’s a much greater likelihood you won’t.


As a matter of fact, with some dance groups, this may even be inappropriate. There are many all-ages studios where using the sensual aspect is certainly in bad taste. But the humorous aspect, now; that can communicate to any kind of audience, with any kind of dance troupe, and yet remain entirely stylish.

Keeping Cognizant Of The Times

When it comes to humorous performances, it’s very integral to have numbers which are appropriate to the time period. The sense of humor which accompanies a society transitions as the generation in economic primacy ascends to prominence. Clowns are no longer popular, but there was a time when they were trendy.


There is likely a time when clowns will return to prominence. Post-modern humor will “jump the shark”, and we’ll be back to square one. When it comes to hip-hop pants, this is kind of what has happened: modernity has made a stylistic circuit, and these playful costuming options are back in vogue.
When you’re in the need of hip-hop/harem pants, one of the smartest things you can do is source them from a costuming provider that has built services around passion in the choreographed arts. Such providers have all-inclusive costuming solutions for any variety of dance, and those options will be designed for maximum durability, flexibility, and affordability.

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