How to Interview an Event Planner

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Written by Ben Davis

Do you have an important event on the horizon?

This occasion might be so special to you that you wouldn’t even attempt to plan this event on your own. Instead, you know that you need the help of a professional event planner to make sure that everything goes perfectly for your big day.

Now, many of you realize the importance of your event and only want the best event planner possible handling the precious details.

This is a wise choice since so much is on the line. You have to find somebody that’s going to get it right.

Instead of attempting to choose the right planner on your own, we’d like to make it easier for you by telling you how to interview an event planner to get the best result possible.

After using this information, you’ll be happy that you found us because we are going to make your life so much easier now that you have access to the truth.

Ask to Look at Photos of Previously Planned Events

To get an idea of the type of events the interviewee has planned in the past, it’s best to ask them if they can provide pictures of their previous work.

By looking at pictures, you’ll get to see exactly what they did to make these occasions so special.

The good thing about event planners is that they have the ability to pick and choose the perfect decor for each event. And you’ll see with your own eyes how they go about this process.

Also, if you have a specific type of event that you need planned; it’s always good to look at pictures to see if the event planner has ever worked on something similar in the past.

So this helps give access to invaluable photos that you can use to determine if a specific event planner is going to be right for you.

Does the Event Planner Work with a Dedicated Team?

While you interview a specific event planner, you may end up only meeting with one person. And if this is the case, you better ask this individual if they have a dedicated team working with them to help plan your big event.

As you have probably learned, it’s nearly impossible to plan an event on your own. You need to have a team ready to help you because it’s just too hard for one person to do.

And if you like a particular event planner that works on his or her own, that’s perfectly okay if you feel that they can do the job.

They may have companies that they work with regularly and other important contacts. If this is the case, then they’ll be able to handle your event without any difficulty.

According to Inspire, BBQ catering Bay Area professionals, “…we have the tools to plan, execute and carefully craft the framework for optimal event success, our collective goal is to thoughtfully strategize and co-create your event, allowing you to have input you want.”

Basically, a good event planner will understand your wishes and have a dedicated team available to execute them.

Do You Know How Much the Event Planner Is Going to Charge for Their Services?

Finding the right event planner is never easy. And one of the main reasons why it’s difficult is because we have to work within a limited budget.

If you have a specific budget set aside for an event organizer, you better find out ahead of time if they are going to charge more than you are bargaining for.

So instead of hiring the first event planner to come along without learning their rates, make sure you have a discussion about the price ahead of time.

You never know, you might be able to haggle with somebody that you really like and convince them that they should take your job for a lower price if you feel they are worth it.

It may seem impossible to find the perfect event planner, but if you use the guidelines we’ve shared today this will be easier than you think.

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