Latest Home Design and Interior Trends in the UK

Written by Frank Kremer

Trends in home design including interiors and type of home are constantly evolving and going into 2017 that is not expected to change.

There are so many different styles of homes available on the market these days all over the United Kingdom and what strikes your fancy really all depends on your own personal preference and style.

If you are setting out to build a new home from the ground up and you have already sourced a  local builder in the UK, you are well on your way to getting into your brand-new dream home.

Here are a few home design styles and interior styles to consider that are popular across the UK.

Traditional Home Style

The UK is an area of the world that is steeped in history and old world style and charm. There are many homes that dot the landscape across the UK that are extremely traditional in style.

Period homes are highly revered in the UK and range from Classic home style to Victorian, Edwardian and beyond. One of the most preferred home styles across the UK seems to be Georgian.

The architecture of Georgian buildings has a grandeur about them that is reminiscent of old Neligh estates and palaces. This type of architecture often stirs up nostalgia for years gone by for many people.

Modern Home Style

If you are interested in living in more of modern style home or flat, you will want to choose an architect or builder to give you some modern home style options when you are developing your plans. The professionals will be able to give you’re the best options for your vision and budget. As far as interiors are concerned if you have a knack for putting together modern and stylish interiors, once your home is complete you will be able to add your own personal touches and flairs to create the modern interiors of your dreams.

Some additional things to consider to when planning your modern interiors include:

  • Keep your floor plans open and free flowing-modern interiors are all about space and flow.
  • Floor to ceiling windows in your great room or living room give modern flair along with tons of natural light to a focal room in your home
  • Give the room the space that it deserves-try not to crowd un-necessary furniture into any one space, remember modern is minimal, functional and stylish, not crowded.
  • Let one item it the room stand out-pick whatever element of the room it is that you want as a focal point and allow it be just that.
  • Always remember less is more
  • Choose modern appliances for your kitchens, bathrooms, and washrooms.
  • Choose artwork and interior décor items that are modern and minimal in nature


Pay attention to the use of materials, colours, and textures to ensure that your interiors are coming together in true modern and impressive style. Clean lines, minimal but rich lighting and touches will complement your modern design interiors even more.


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