Did Nostradamus Predict a Trump Presidency and Another Great World War?

Written by Frank Kremer

Every now and then someone calls up the words of Nostradamus because they believe he predicted certain world events based on a parallel with what they see happening in the moment. They see something that resembles his metaphorical writings.

Yes, Nostradamus was a clairvoyant and yes, many of the things he predicted have certainly come to pass, but did he predict Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States and does this prove the existence of psychics and psychic phenomenon? Many online psychics believe that this is exactly what his clairvoyant writings prove.

What Did Nostradamus Predict?

Throughout time, there are many of this French clairvoyant’s prophecies that are said to have come true. To date, there are at least 10 prophecies which most people concur were prophesized by Nostradamus. While most of his prophecies are in metaphoric or allegoric language, it isn’t difficult to see the connection in those that are reputed to have been predicted by him. A few of these include:

  • The French Revolution.
  • Louis Pasteur and his inventions/discoveries.
  • The great fire of London.
  • Hitler and the rise of the Nazi party.
  • Atomic bombs.
  • Deaths of Princess Di and JFK.
  • Nine-Eleven.
  • The presidency of Donald J. Trump.

While DJT is still just the President Elect, it is what comes after in that same prophecy that is causing a great deal of concern, if not panic, amongst many scholars who have studied Nostradamus and his prophetic words.

What Does Nostradamus Say about Trump?

Bearing in mind that the writings of Nostradamus are steeped in allegory and metaphors, you probably can still clearly see how the experts would say this is pointing to Donald Trump. The French seer calls Trump a “shameless, audacious bawler” who will be elected to rule an army and there will be broken bridges and much fear in the cities. Doesn’t this sound like what is happening today, at this very hour? There is a definite line of separation between the followers of Trump and the liberal left and even a break between Trump and his own party members. He is notorious for being a bawler, someone who cries out loudly about his beliefs, and makes no bones about the fact that he is not one to play politics when it comes to getting things done. Yes, it’s easy to see how you could envision Donald Trump as one who causes division in the cities.

Nostradamus also predicts a collapse of the economy and a great war which many of his followers believe to be the prediction of WWIII. So, did he predict a Trump presidency and another great World War? It just could be. At this point in time it can only be hoped that foresight will help the world avert such a catastrophic event. Whether you believe this is what the French seer predicted will come to pass in 2017 or not, you at least are probably concerned that it could be a war we are headed for. Looking for answers? It just might be that you will find them by consulting a contemporary psychic.

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