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Replacement Windows: Material and Glass Considerations

Written by Frank Kremer

Any windows consists of frames and glass. So, basically, when you are choosing your new replacement windows exactly material of the frames and glass features must be your main concerns. In the article below we collected basic information to help you choose the right new units.

Frame Materials

Today the market of replacement windows in Newmarket can offer you four main types of frames material, namely vinyl, aluminum, wood, and clad-wood/fiberglass.

  • Vinyl windows are the most common units available for replacement projects in Newmarket. This rigid and impact-resistant material is relatively cheap to produce which makes vinyl windows the most affordable windows in the market. The great advantage of vinyl is that it requires absolutely no maintenance.
  • Cheaper than vinyl windows can be only aluminum ones. Today aluminum windows are covered with special coatings that protect them from corrosion. Little maintenance needs is another characteristics of these windows.
  • Wooden windows are the most classy and visually appealing units existing. Apart from perfect design features, wooden replacement windows can also offer the highest durability and insulation levels. But if buying wooden windows be ready to pay more upfront and in the long run because they require pretty a lot of maintenance.
  • Clad-wood or fiberglass windows are made of vinyl and wood combination of materials. These windows will supply you with benefits of both materials and also eliminate disadvantages of each.

Glass and Energy Efficiency of Replacement Windows

One of the most common reasons for windows replacement is the idea of improving energy efficiency of a home. The basic choice for you to make is at least double- and better even triple-pane windows; they consist of two and three layers of glass accordingly. The more layers windows have the better they preserve heat inside of the house and consequently the more money they save on heating or cooling the space. If several panes can be upgraded, Mississauga windows experts advise also ordering special gas fillers between the panes to also improve their energy efficiency.

Apart from the special fillers you can also opt for additional features for your new units. For instance, check low-emissivity (Low-E) glass or UV-protection coatings. The former was also designed to preserve more constant temperature inside of your home. Low-e coating reflects useless light and absorbs the needed heat, depending on the side of its application. Regardless of the great features this coating can offer, it does not influence transparency of windows at all.

With the help of special UV-protection coating you can also preserve more comfortable temperature inside of your home. But at the same time UV-protection will ensure that your wallpapers, furniture pieces, painting, and any other valuables do not fade away over the time.

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