Signs That Your Partner Is Jealous In Unhealthy Way

Written by Ben Davis

Cheating is considered to be the main cause for the relationship’s ruination. While cheating definitely damages relationships, unhealthy jealousy can damage them even more. One thing is when you give your partner a reason to be jealous, but it’s another thing when he or she has no reason for jealousy at all. If you don’t have to do a thing to sparkle jealousy in your partner, than it sucks. As it is a classic case of unhealthy jealousy, the type of jealousy that can easily ruin your relationships.

If you want to determine whether you are in relationship with someone who suffers from unhealthy jealousy, check out the list below. By the way, the internet is loaded of resources with effective dating tips: check

Your Partner Wants You Alone

You can’t recognize unhealthy jealousy at the very beginning of your relationship, as it is quite normal for new couple wanting to spend as much time together as possible. It’s so romantic and passionate, when your partner wants to spend each and every moment with you. While wanting you all to themselves may seem cute initially, may turn out being quite creepy in long-term.

Soon, you will find your partner trying to limit your seeing someone else. It may start from innocent phrases that he or she thinks that no one can appreciate you more than he or she does. Then it can turn into them forcing you into spending all of your time with them. Definitely, relationships with someone who is jealous in such an unhealthy way can’t last long.

Your Partner Suspects The Worst Of You

Your partner asks all the time whom are you talking with on the phone? He or she checks your messages on cellphone? You partner asks whom are you chatting with on social media? He or she asks who was that person who shared a post on your timeline? Your partner checks who had liked and commented on your pictures on Facebook or Instagram? By the way, it does not mean that he or she is an angel. Your partner may spend hours chatting with girls via Maria dating as well (and still blaming you).  If so, you are dealing with the typical case of unhealthy jealousy. Relationships are built on trust, so think whether you want to continue dating someone who doesn’t trust you.

Your Partner Is Too Emotionally Dependent

You find that your person wants to keep you only to him/herself? Cute, ha? It probably means that your partner loves you very much and can’t imagine life without you? Wrong, it means that your partner in emotionally dependent on you. Basically, he or she is feeding on your energy Even if your partner is unhappy with your relationship, he or she won’t leave as unknown is more scary. They depend on you presence and on your reassurance. The reason for that is that your partner lacks self-confidence.

Your Partner Is Critical Of Your Interests

You like progressive rock and your partner cracks jokes about it? Well, that’s sort of jealousy too. First your partner will try to isolate you from anyone he or she considers to be a sexual threat, than he or she will try to isolate you from your interests, as they are ‘trying to steal’ you from him or her too.

Your Partner Tries To Control You

Everything mentioned above culminates into simple desire to control you and your life. Definitely, a relationship like that are doomed from the very start.




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