Summer Gift Guide

Summer Gift Guide
Written by Hamad Almuraikhi

Summer is here, and that means beach days, vacations, and swimsuits – as well as summer birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers. Finding the right gift can be hard, so to keep you from stressing out about it too much, we’re here with your summer gift guide. Below, you’ll find ideas for everyone from your youngest and most active friends to your oldest and most beloved family members.

‘Tis the season… for outdoor fun

There are plenty of chances to give your loved ones warm pajamas, video games, and other indoor essentials when Christmas rolls around. Summer is the perfect time to give outdoor gifts to the outdoorsy people in your life: the hikers, the swimmers, the surfers, and the mountain climbers. You know who we’re talking about.

If you’re not an expert in outdoor gear, fear not. You can still go with a gift card or look for something that’s a little more form than function: if you don’t know hiking boots, how about camp slippers? If you can’t pick out climbing gear, why not grab some post-climb energy bars? If you don’t know surf boards, how about a beach towel? Stick with what you know, and don’t be afraid to go with something cool-looking or comfortable instead of something high-tech and functional. A whole culture surrounds outdoor life, and there are plenty of non-technical accessories and items that you can get for your favorite die-hard outdoor fanatic.

Brighten up the indoors

Not everyone spends their summers outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose gifts that suit the season. The little ceramic Christmas villages are gone from shelves by now, and she’ll want to replace them with something bright and colorful. How about some Limoges boxes, cut flowers, or decorative plates? Or maybe it’s time to help a loved one swap out the heavy blanket or quilt on their sofa for a light, cool one perfect for summer movie nights. For the best ideas, take a walk through the home of the person you’re buying for. Take note of what they collect and what sorts of decorations they like, and get them a summery version of the same!

Fun and games

If camping and hiking is a little extreme (or not age-appropriate) for the person you’re buying gifts for, don’t despair – summer is also the time for carefree outdoor fun. Lawn games are a great gift idea for anyone who likes to spend time in the sun. Lawn darts (get the safe ones), bocce, and cornhole are all great options, but don’t forget about badminton, croquet, and other classics.

And, of course, you can always go with a baseball, football, or soccer ball. Just don’t get a basketball unless you’re sure that the person you’re buying for has a hoop! For younger children or more casual acquaintances, you could try a big box store and looked for more affordable versions of the same.

On rainy days, move the fun indoors! If the person you’re buying for loves to play blackjack or poker but doesn’t really care for the heat in Las Vegas this time of year, playing online might be the right move. A membership to an online gambling site might be the perfect gift.

Out and about

A summer outdoors doesn’t just mean board shorts and lawn games. It also means outdoor dances and concerts, not to mention barbecues and cocktail hours. This is the time of year when a lot of people update their wardrobes and cosmetics drawers, so feel free to look at fashion or make-up as gifts for your friends and family. If those are too tough to pick out, you can go with herbal creams and other products that will nourish their look without defining it. For those closest to you, watches and jewelry are always nice choices, and summer is a nice time to go with lighter, brighter, and bolder options.

The gift of an experience

Studies show that people treasure experiences and memories more than objects, so consider using a summer occasion to give the gift of a fun experience. That can mean something as simple as buying a cinema gift certificate (be sure to put enough on it that the recipient can get some popcorn or a soda as well as the ticket) or something as grand as the gift of a cruise vacation. If it’s a fun summer activity, it can be a fun summer gift, too!


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