Top10 Spiritual and Psychic TV shows or Movies

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Following are the best spiritual and psychic movies of all times

  • The lord of the rings:

Whenever you want to discuss something about spiritual, the first movie that comes into anyone’s mind is the lord of the rings.This is a collection of three movies written by J. R. R. Tolkien. It revolves around a story of mysterious beings like hobbits, wizards and elves and evil powers. The basic structure of the story is a fight between good and evil in the form of hobbit and Sauron. There is a ring which has a lot of power. Everyone is fighting to get that ring. Even the protagonist Frodo Baggins (hobbit) fights his own urge from using that ring. The story is all about how they carried the ring from the evil hands and destroyed it in the end. The overall story was ended in the last part where the hobbit destroy the ring by throwing it in the volcano.

  • Source code:

Source code is a psychic movie in which a government organization uses the brain of the protagonist in order to complete their mission. They have been informed of a bomb attack on the train and they need to find the bomb before it explodes. They use their officer’s brain and send them in the future where he has to notice all the passengers and find the bomb. He is the one who has to stop the bomb attacks.

  • Edge of tomorrow:

Edge of tomorrow is a real psychic movie in which the protagonist has the psychic power. There has been an alien invasion and everyone is sent to the field to fight them. The main character is also sent to the same destiny. A twist occurs when he died and again brought back to life by some force which was unknown. He goes, dies and then comes back again and again. He remained confused until she met a girl who helps him solve the mystery and find the way to save the world.

  • Evil dead:

Evil dead is a series of movies which are based on the typical story of ghosts. In this story, the group of five girls visits the wood and finds a book. They get interested and unknowingly summons the demons which live nearby the woods. The story is related to how they haunt them afterwards and how they make them disappear.

  • Texas chainsaw massacre:

It is a movie related to cannibalism, which means habit or an irresistible urge to eat human flesh. In this movie, a group of people visits a farmhouse outside the city near the forest. They planned to remain there for fun. Unfortunately, they don’t know about the family living near them who use to eat human flesh. One by one they were all killed and stored in the refrigerator in that house. In the last, only one girl was alive who was caught by the creepy family. They scared her so much and when they were planning to eat her, she finds a way to run. After two to three attempts, she finally got succeeded in running and her life was saved. The most interesting and haunted thing related to this movie is that it is related to a real life event.

  • Supernatural:

When we talk about supernatural it is one of the best TV Show sin the world. Aired in U.S, this show has been watched all over the world. The story of this show is about a family, mainly two brothers named Dean and Sam. Both the boys belong to a family who is being a victim of demon attack. Both of the brothers then left their home and went to find each and every demon to kill them. To do this, they came across the many supernatural and spiritual creatures which helped and haunted them in their mission. The story started from the revenge and ends up helping the world.

  • Breaking bad:

Breaking bad is also one of the best psychic shows on T.V. In this series, there is a mediocre man named Mr. White, who was a chemistry teacher. He was suffering from a lot of debt in his life so he decided to change his path and produce an illegal drug which is so expensively sold all over the country. He started his business with another young man who deals with the dealers in the underworld. Soon they became rich. When the show progress, they lose their love ones and one character even went into a rehab too. There he had a chat with psychics. It clearly depicts the psyche of humans, which makes this show more appealing to the viewers.

  • Gravity:

It won’t be wrong to say that gravity is the best among all Hollywood movies. It is about a young doctor who went up to the space station to fix the satellite when suddenly attacked by the asteroid shower. She was saved by one of his friends, who is trying to relieve the stress by his talk. Afterwards, unfortunately they were all attacked by the asteroid shower, but then she was saved again. Her friends die in the space and there was no oxygen in her own tank as well. This movie depicts her struggle to move back to earth even though it looks impossible. It is a spiritual movie because it tells us that when there is no one, there is a God.

  • Harry potter:

Harry potter is a collection of seven Interesting books written by J. K. Rowling. It is a story about a boy who met his friends in the school of magic in another world. The mystery and drama begins when some secrets are revealed. They have a lot of teachers and wizards who teaches them magic. It’s a story about how a boy grew up in the world of magic.

  • Gone girl:

It is a movie that is based on the story of a couple. The girl went missing and the blame was put on the man. In the end the mystery was revealed that how the girl got missing and where was she.

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