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Fox News says the Charleston shooting is an attack on faith, not race and calls for pastors to arm themselves. I wonder what type of coverage Fox News would be doing if a black man killed 9 white people in a church?

Written by Peter Walken

I like posting comments of mine like the one above on far right-wing conservative Facebook pages. They don’t know what to do except follow their basic steps of self denial and name calling, knowing absolutely nothing about me. I ask, “Why?”, because I can back it up with documented facts and video.

I think it is easier for them to keep living in that echo chamber of ignorance and hate. Also, when you can tell that they have been drinking it makes for more fun of a read  🙂

Posting this on the Ted Cruz Facebook page:

Fox News
And then when they have no idea what they are even talking about anymore, you can seal the deal with some material “borrowed” from Louis CK.

Louis CK

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