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Paul Horner: Internet News Satirist, Writer, Comedian, Performance Artist & Fake News Spokesman

Paul Horner; artist, writer, internet satirist
Written by Jimmy Rustling

The following is a personal journal of mine with articles that were written about me in the past 20 years, since one of my first legal battles, one of them being Microsoft when I was a teenager to a crazy night in Thailand, waking up in a bath tub filled with ice and a missing kidney but a really friendly, well-written apology letter taped to the wall next to me and money for breakfast. It was a recommendation for a local diner and I ended up giving that restaurant five stars on Yelp. So, go on, feel free to read my life story, and enjoy! There is a lot of stuff out there that I don’t know about or have not posted. If you know of anything good to add, please feel free to send me a link. Also, when reading the following, I think it is important to keep an open mind and also understand that everything doesn’t have to be satire or like “The Onion“. I write political humor, comedy, hoaxes, factual articles etc etc etc. I write stories with a purpose and things that I feel passionate about. The stuff I write was always called hoaxes, pranks, satire and shenanigans, but now with the whole “fake news” epidemic going on out there, I’m now lumped into just that single category. Personally, I think everything that is happening right now is a great thing. With Donald Trump calling everything he doesn’t like “fake news” and me doing what I’m doing, the general public is finally waking up to the reality of fake news and the importance of fact checking and questioning reality. That was always a goal for me when I started out doing this, so now that all of this is actually happening, I’m really happy. Plus I have no competition when it comes to “fake news”, I am the kingpin of this industry! If the The Sinaloa Cartel did fake news, they would be afraid of me. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter! I love some of you!

Wikipedia calls me an “Internet news satirist and writer”, and I like that, so that’s the reason for that part of the title of this thing.

Snopes says, “Paul Horner, the prolific writer and ubiquitous satirical character who inserts his name into all his articles“. And since I use my name as a character in all of my stories, Snopes has a lot of links to me.

The NY Post calls me an “online jokester.”

The Washington Post calls Paul Horner, “The Internet’s most prolific hoax artist.”

International Business Times: Paul Horner, the world’s biggest penis and the everyman of Internet hoax history.

Mass Appeal says, “The super pseudo-media heavyweight Paul Horner, aka Lando Tabloid-ia.”

The Huffington Post calls Paul Horner a “performance artist”

“The Mark Twain of our generation,” Aaron Johnson owner of Lawn Gnome Publishing.

Maxim also agrees that I have the biggest penis in the world.

I get this posted on my Facebook wall a lot:
Paul Horner wins the internet

Paul Horner speaking at the European Parliament

This is me speaking at the European Parliament in March, 2017 about fake news and the importance of fact checking. I also did a Q&A at the end of this. 26 minutes in is where I start talking; click on the image above to watch the video.

My 501(c)(3) charity that I started a few years ago, Sock It Forward, which gives out thousands of pairs of brand-new socks every month to homeless people in places such as Arizona and Mexico, started a fundraiser today to raise $1,000. Our last fundraiser met its goal of raising $500 and because of that we were able to provide over 800 homeless men and women with new socks! Thanks to everyone who has donated money, socks and/or volunteered to this great cause; every bit helps so much!!!

Sock It Forward motivational flier

We give out this little piece of motivation with each pair of socks that we hand out. I believe new socks and a positive way to look at life will help ANYONE, especially those who are homeless, the ones who need it the most!

Recent favorite stories of mine that have gone viral:

  1. Twitter Deletes Donald Trump’s Twitter Account: “We Will Not Tolerate Racism & Hate”
  2. Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Cancelling Saturday Night Live
  3. Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: “I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally”
  4. DRUGS IN COLORADO: New Deadly Strain Of Marijuana Turning Users Gay
  5. NBA Cancels 2017 All-Star Game In North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Law
  6. Michael Jordan To North Carolina: ‘HB2 Goes Or The Charlotte Hornets Go’
  7. The Amish In America Commit Their Vote To Donald Trump; Mathematically Guaranteeing Him A Presidential Victory
  8. Police Officer On LSD Attempts To Save Anti-Masturbation Dolphin Mascot From Imaginary Fire
  9. El Chapo Escapes From Prison, AGAIN!
  10. Bill Murray Shocks The Country: I Am Running For President In 2016
  11. The United States Revokes Scientology’s Tax-Exempt Status

Paul Horner fake news

Recent news:

  1. Bank of America will soon be putting collection bins in all of their branches in the state of Arizona to collect socks for my charity that I started a few years ago, Sock It Forward. I’m not a fan of banks, but they are necessary evils in this day of age, and any good they can do, like helping out a great charity such as mine, is truly a great thing!
  2. I was filmed for a new show called The Race Card that NBA legend, Charles Barkley, is putting out in May of this year. I talked about fake news and the importance of fact checking and what I do for a living. It turned out really well. Here is a picture of Charles Barkley and myself after the filming of the show was complete He’s such a cool guy, so real and so genuine. When we were done, he put his hand on my shoulder, looked me directly in the eyes and said, “Paul, it was such a pleasure meeting you. Keep up the good work.” That made me so happy.
  3. Snopes.com claims that my website StGeorgeGazette.com is a “fake news website” because an article I wrote about Donald Trump signing an Executive Order canceling the hit-television show Saturday Night Live is supposedly fake news. My Snopes debunking website Snopes.com.co was quick to publish a story explaining that The St. George Gazette is a legitimate news organization that has been in business since 2003 and the owner, Dr. Paul Horner, plans to take legal action against Snopes.com for their libel actions. The Internet is a playground ~ David Thorne.
  4. This is an interview I did for Francetv zoom, which is a major media outlet in France, click here
  5. I have been invited to be a keynote speaker at the annual National Association of Black Journalists Convention in New Orleans this year, speaking about fake news and the importance of fact checking. This is the largest gathering of journalists in the world! Every major journalist out there will be in attendance. I recommend getting my autograph now while you can still afford it!
  6. On April 23rd, 2017 I was interviewed for a documentary that will be on Netflix about a story which I wrote a few years ago about a Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour. The story resulted in thousands of parties around the country celebrating the living legend we all know and love, Bill frickin’ Murray!
  7. The Huffington Post called me a “performance artist” in this recent article of theirs.
  8. The Washington Post did a great write up about how to detect fake news by using my abcnews.com.co site as the main example. READ MORE
  9. News: Fake news writer ‘regrets’ taking credit for Trump victory So the writers out there that have zero journalistic integrity, that are making me out to look like a Trump supporter, are now at least allowing me to put my actual words that I write within their articles. I’m surprised they didn’t add words to my words saying that I’m anti-Semetic or hate black people or something… the evolution of horrible journalists who care about money over quality of work is a still a work in progress! I’m doing my best to fix this problem!
  10. My new website, The St. George Gazette, has a great first story about Donald Trump signing an Executive Order that cancels Saturday Night Live – Read here
  11. My interview with RT after speaking at the European Parliament is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s 12 minutes and starts off a little slow… but oh so worth the watch!
  12. My interview with Channel 4 News starts out great and ends great too. Hail Satan!
  13. Twitter did not delete Donald Trump’s Twitter account. I like how Snopes has gone from praising me and my sites to mocking my sites and calling me “a fake news purveyor”. This is because I told them one time that I pay their bills and put their children through college and pay their car payments and that they should write better stories about me. And now I spend 50% of my stories mocking Snopes and their owner and his transgender wife.
  14. Three stories I wrote that mocks Donald Trump and his wall 1, 2, 3.
  15. Someone bought the domain name PaulHorner.com for $600 and made a hilarious website that pokes fun at me and makes what I do even more ridiculous than what I actually do. Definitely worth the time to check out!
  16. Speaking to Vice News, Rolling Stone, International Business Times and CNN.
  17. RealorSatire.com did a great write up about my site CNN.com.de
  18. Not surprisingly, I’m still the #1 suspect behind the true identity of the graffiti artist Banksy
  19. There has been lots of updates to my Wikipedia page in the past couple of months. It used to say that I’m, “an internet news satirist and article writer for numerous online satirical news sites”, but with this whole Donald Trump evil “fake news” pandemic, it’s been changed to, “Paul Horner is a contributor to fake news websites.”
  20. My full interview with Anderson Cooper on Anderson Cooper 360. It is important to note that in this Live interview, I called CNN “fake news” one full month before Donald Trump, the actual President of the United States, called CNN fake news.
  21. My interview in Rolling Stone.
  22. CNN posted video that centered around my ABC News story about Donald Trump protesters being paid $3,500. I then took their video and posted it on my fake CNN website explaining the real problem with sharing fake news and how to avoid this problem. I pretty much own the internet.
  23. BuzzFeed just wrote a great story about an article of mine about the Amish supposedly mathematically guaranteeing a Presidential victory for Donald Trump, so much so, that Trump supporters don’t need to go out and vote anymore! Great job Ishmael N. Daro from Buzzfeed.com for the well-written article! Great teamwork on the story, Matt Daomon! Sites debunking it: Fusionbusiness2community.comSnopes.com (NOTE: Snopes actually wrote a normal, non-lying article about my story. They actually did their job debunking my work for the first time in a year or so. Amazing.)
  24. Arizona Channel 12 News did a story with my article about Obama banning the Pledge of Allegiance – Click Here
  25. I’m #1 on this list of possible candidates behind Banksy’s true identity!
  26. World’s Biggest Starbucks Opening In Phoenix AZ: Roller Coaster, Underground Water Slide & Robot BaristasBiz JournalsPhoenix New TimesKTAR News
  27. Atheist Mayor Jails & Suspends Firefighter For Praying At Scene Of FireSnopes – I really don’t like linking to Snopes since they continue to lie and say that I spread malware when it’s obvious that I don’t, but I’ll post it anyway. After reading the other news sites that debunk my articles you can see a perfect example with Snopes of what not to do. Snopes doesn’t like me because I told them that I pay their bills and put their children through college.
  28. Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools NationwideInquisitrFact CheckThat’s Fake
  29. Charlie Sheen’s ex Bree Olson shared a story I wrote on Facebook and she even gave props to my character Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin!
  30. Snopes is debunking Breitbart articles that are posting my stories and they don’t mention my name or website even once. Just another example of the fine journalism coming from our good friends at Snopes.com
  31. I wrote a story about drug kingpin Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman escaping from prison for a third time. Because of my story, the Mexican Secretary of the Interior tweeted a photo showing El Chapo still in custody. Over 700,000 people tweeted my story and it was the #1 trending topic on Twitter, along with being all over Google’s News Feed. Here are media outlets from around the world who reported on my story: Business Insider (A great summary with pics too) – BBC NewsNBC NewsLatin TimesHollywood LifeABC NewsTelegraphBuzzfeedRickey Smiley Morning ShowSports IllustratedDaily StarFox NewsRas NoticiasRT – A great video by Newsy that quotes Fappy The Anti-Masturbation DolphinAOLYahoo UK – I think out of all of these, this is the best one by far! According to UPI.com, El Chapo actually knows of me and this story. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but with all the fun that this story brought, I’d like to hope that El Chapo liked my story. And finally, here is one from Snopes.com. They lie for some reason and say that I spread malware, which of course I do not.
  32. I wrote a story about Omar Mateen being a homophobic gay guy and not a terrorist, that is why he did the Orlando shooting. Snopes articleThey keep lying, saying that my websites spread malware. I keep on using 1/4th of my articles to mock Snopes and call them out on all of their lies with links to back up my claims.
  33. According to breitbart.com, Sarah Palin says that Donald Trump protesters are being paid $3,500 to protest his rallies. The problem is that “fact” is from a story I wrote, see here. – Here is a screen shot in case breitbert.com removes the article
  34. I wrote a story about Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump for President if he promised to make masturbation illegalScott.net
  35. I wrote a story about a new strain of marijuana that is turning users gay. The point of the story is to mock drug laws and those who enforce them, especially drugs as harmless as marijuana.
  36. I wrote a story about Obama signing an Executive Order banning assault weaponsSnopesThe New Civil Rights Movement
  37. I used my SEO skills to get a girl I like to go out with me. Click here for an explanation of what SEO is if you don’t know.
  38. “Like” my Paul Horner fan page on Facebook! Be someone!
  39. This article has a section at the bottom in it for a Q&A I did with them
  40. An article I wrote went viral about Michael Jordan threatening to move the Charlotte Hornets out of state if North Carolina did not revoke HB2
  41. I did an AMA on Reddit that was pretty fun yesterday.
  42. From a story I wrote recently, this article quotes me as the owner of the Phoenix Suns
  43. I wrote a story that put pressure on the NBA, to put pressure on North Carolina about their stupid HB2 law
  44. A Hoax News Story About The NBA Moving The 2017 Charlotte All-Star Game Fooled The Media
  45. Fake news story says NBA has given North Carolina an ultimatum over discriminatory LGBT law
  46. Great story about Donald Trump supporters and their beliefs that protesters are being paid money, talks about how awesome my story was too 🙂
  47. Donald Trump’s campaign manager and Ann Coulter tweeted a story I wrote about Trump protesters being paid $3,500 to protest at his rallies. Donald Trump’s son tweeted my story too.
  48. Trump campaign manager Lewandowski falls for parody website
  49. Ann Coulter, Trump Campaign Manager Spread Hoax News Story
  50. Esquire Magazine liked my story about Scientology losing their tax-exempt status
  51. Snopes says Donald Trump did not tweet a dick pic… my article says he did. Who are you going to believe? Answer: Banana
  52. No, President Obama did not just sign an Executive Order appointing a Muslim to replace Antonin Scalia as Supreme Court Justice
  53. Doing local cool shit
  54. El Chapo Escape Hoax Gets Internet Buzzing
  55. Relax, El Chapo didn’t escape again
  56. No, El Chapo did not escape from prison again
  57. SNOPES: A fake news article reported that Donald Trump had named Sheriff Joe Arpaio his running mate for the 2016 election.
  58. I convinced the internet that my hero, Bill Murray, is running for President
  59. INTERVIEW: Internet Hoaxes With A Purpose With Paul Horner
  60. I Started A Cause That Gives Out Socks To The Homeless Called ‘Sock It Forward’
  61. WWJD? Not tell an elementary school and its teacher to f*ck off and burn in Hell.
  62. SNOPES: Fappy the Anti-Masturbation Dolphin was not arrested for swimming naked at SeaWorld, because such a mascot does not exist.
  63. Was Fappy the Dolphin arrested for public masturbation?
  64. Breaking Bad season 6 hoax fooled NBC executive
  65. Google was fooled by a hoax announcing ‘Breaking Bad’ season 6
  66. ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 6: It Was All A Lie — Vince Gilligan Interview Was Fake
  67. NBC sends me a cease and desist letterFox sends me a cease and desist letter
  68. Maxim Magazine says Paul Horner has the biggest penis in the world
  69. What was fake on the Internet this week
  70. Yelp Hit By Hoax: Not Suing ‘South Park’ For $10 Million
  71. A small piece in Vice News about Yelp suing South Park
  72. No, Yelp Is Not Suing ‘South Park’ for $10 Million
  73. South Park Being Sued By Yelp Over ISIS Comparisons
  74. Notorious ‘cybersquatter’ advises brands: ‘know your target and adapt your approach’
  75. Is R.E.M. is suing Donald Trump & Ted Cruz over the unauthorized use of their song “It’s the End of the World”?
  76. Is Survivor suing Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee for $1.2million?
  77. Phoenix ‘News’ Prankster Breaks Hearts With Latest Scam
  78. 100+ people talking about my Donald Trump being the “Worst Person In The World” award story
  79. Politifact: Did a Vermont pastor get sentenced to prison for refusing to marry a gay couple?
  80. Was a Vermont pastor given a year in jail to refusing to wed two gay people?
  81. Snopes talks about News Examiner and Paul Horner
  82. Snopes: Pastor Jailed For Refusing To Marry Gay Couple
  84. Snopes: McRobots
  85. Eater.com – Robots working at McDonald’s
  86. Snopes: I’ve Kept Them Busy
  87. VICE NEWS: Weaponized Islamic State Ebola, Obama’s Marijuana Auctions, and the Art of Fake News
  88. Is Banksy Actually Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin?
  89. GAWKER: Banksy Has Not Been Arrested, And His Name Isn’t Paul Horner
  90. The Washington Post: This is not an interview with Banksy
  91. No, There Isn’t a Banksy at The Lost Leaf in Phoenix
  92. The Daily Dot: No, A Teen Wasn’t Just Sentenced To 25 years In Prison For Swatting
  93. FOX NEWS: Why people keep sharing fake news stories thinking they are true
  94. The Dude Himself Fell for a Fake News Site’s Big Lebowski 2 Hoax
  95. VOCATIV: The Prankster who Faces Castration in Louisiana
  96. No, Jan Brewer Is Not Putting “Gay-To-Straight Programs” in Arizona Schools
  97. Suspension of Belief

The Elusive Graffiti Artist Banksy Knows Of Me:

My story:

The original story was posted to National Report and received over 10,000,000 views. It was deleted by the site’s owner, Allen Montgomery, but here is a screenshot:
Paul Horner is Banksy

Banksy Arrested and Identity Revealed:

Banksy Paints New Mural to Prove He’s Not in Jail

Paul Horner Banksy mugshot


Banksy proves arrest rumor wrong with new graffiti art – which is vandalized straight away

Paul Horner

From Wikipedia: For the past two years, Paul Horner has written for the website National Report with the Washington Post describing him as its “lead writer”. Horner uses his own name as a recurring character in all of his stories, including the actor behind “Fappy the Anti-Masturbation Dolphin“, a character created by Horner that is used as a running gag in many of his stories and currently has over 40,000 likes/followers. National Report has run multiple articles claiming Horner to be the street artist Banksy, and he has fielded numerous interviews from foreign journalists as a result. After writing a story about marrying his dog, Horner was invited onto a television show for a segment about “weird relationships”. The country of India has an arrest warrant out for Horner after a “rape festival” story that he wrote for the city of Assam.”

Residents of DeQuincy, Louisiana threatened to have him arrested as a result of numerous hoax articles he had written about the city, including stories about bath salts turning the residents into zombies and the city outlawing twerking.

For years Horner has regularly included the phone number of the Westboro Baptist Church in his articles, with one story referring to it as the number of the “24-hour National Muslim Appreciation Hotline”, stating “Anything to tie up their phone lines is a good thing.

Since Horner uses his name as a character in all of his articles, a fun Google search is “Paul Horner“.

Horner has been writing political satire, comedy and hoaxes seriously for the last 5 years, but has always been into some kind of shenanigans.

#1 search on Google for “Biggest Penis in the world”… so it must be true.

In December of 2014, Paul Horner resigned from National Report to start News Examiner.

Paul Horner: If it's on the internet it must be true
After I resigned from National Report around December of 2014 to start News Examiner, Allen Montgomery (the owner of National Report) immediately removed all the ads within my articles and replaced them with his own. He also replaced the name of the character “Paul Horner”, which was in all my stories, to “Dan Stevens”. He then deleted my pen name, Darius Rubics, as the author of my own stories and replaced them with “National Reporting Staff”. After complaining, he deleted ALL of my articles that I worked so hard on since I began working with National Report in early 2013. Seeing this, most of the authors were angry, as I was of course and contacted me offering condolences. After this he also fired some of his best writers because they were associating with me. That is actually where I got my video guy, Eric Foster, after Allen fired him. I told Allen I would never approach any of his writers with job offers, and I never did. Luckily I have all my work posted on Super Official News, so it is not lost, but it still hurts. Allen even deleted my Banksy story that had over 5 million Facebook shares and climbing 🙁

From Paul Horner’s Facebook page:

“Wikipedia says I’m an “internet news satirist and article writer for numerous online satirical news sites”. I love art, drawing and other creative things. I love my family and friends. I occasionally do stand-up comedy.”

Paul Horner On Television

Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin

FAPPY FUN FACT: Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin has over 47,000 likes/followers on Facebook and has been arrested four times for public masturbation and has been pardoned by the governor.

It’s all just a fun hobby, Michael Moore is making a movie about it (link)(link), and a great way to sell merch!

Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin and STOP Masturbation NOW focus on educating children about the dangerous consequences of masturbation and the benefits of genetically modified foods ~ Paid for by the Monsanto Company

Phoenix, Arizona 12/27/14 – Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin (Paul Horner) doing standup comedy in downtown Phoenix, Arizona

A big thank you to the funny and talented Erick Biez for hosting and playing along perfectly considering this was the first attempt at this. You seriously can’t see anything out of this mask and you have to yell for people to hear you. Working on fixing that. Also, thank you so much Matt Storrs for filming! The video cuts off at the very end because the phone ran out of memory, but you’ll get the idea.

To get more people to my set I wrote a story about Bill Murray being there, and it packed the house:

Praise Fappy!

Paul Horner has a drink named after him because of his Banksy story and hoax. It’s their most popular drink.

One of the most popular drinks on Silver’s winter drink menu is the Paul Horner. The ingredient that makes this cocktail specifically unique is red bell pepper. Intrigued? Us too.

The Paul Horner drink
Because of my Banksy hoax story I wrote a couple months ago about him getting arrested and outed as Paul Horner, a fancy restaurant (like $200 steaks) that actually owns two original Banksy’s… named a drink called ‘The Paul Horner’. It’s their most popular drink – like a $50+ drink. And this place, it’s called ‘Silver’, is where the Winter Olympics were held, the Sundance film festival is etc. Millionaires bring in their own tequila to make my drink how they like it.
Silver FacebookThink about this…. ALL drinks start from somewhere. For example, that drink “Tom Collins”, that started from a real guy named “Tom Collins”, and now because of the popularity of my drink, a few other places are starting to serve it.

Look at the ingredients, so many and so elaborate. This is not a rum and coke ha. Makes me so happy and I want to drink it now! I was featured in Vice News, Banksy knows of me and my name, and now I have my own drink. I can die now.This is a review for my drink:
http://dishingpc.com/silvers-paul-horner/ This is the restaurant that started serving ‘The Paul Horner’.
www.silverrestaurant.com/. I spoke with them. They said it tastes like a bloody marry and a margarita kind of. They are sending me out a care package with bottles of tequila and all the 15 or so ingredients to make this thing. And this is out of UTAH! I love the idea of Mormons getting wasted off of me. Makes me so hard.If you never read my Banksy story that 8 billion people saw, here it is:
— at Utah Olympic Park.

I tend to use the name Tom Downey as a character in most of my stories. Not only is it a great name, he is a great friend of mine and enjoys my shenanigans. My name, ‘Paul Horner’, is in ALL of my stories. I began doing this when people would steal my work, which is fine, don’t care, zero percent, but they would not credit me. So this is a way for them to credit me without them knowing.

Eric Foster has done all my Entertainment Tonight style videos in the past, until they were all deleted by Allen Montgomery, owner of National Report.


Jerome Smith AKA Paul Horner, the man behind BlackFriendConnect.com, sits down with Rob Redding for a one-on-one interview. You will not believe this!!!

Throughout the entire interview, I talk as an educated African American speaking to another educated African American. Very Surreal. I even spoke with this interesting man for over an hour after the interview was over.

FUN FACT: My friend Ivan calls in at the end and says the best line ever, “How would one go about talking to a black person?”

11/1/15 – Blackfriendconnect.com is no longer with us due to some dick that hacked the site. Oh well.

Amazing Video Of The Interview – Best Thing Ever:

A few of the websites that Paul Horner owns and runs:

My Hero, My Grandpa, Jack Horner

Jack Horner: Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame – 2001 Charter Inductee

Jack Horner, “Mr. Sports,” compiled one of the most impressive lists of firsts in broadcasting history, and has set high standards for those who followed him. His career began in 1935 at KGFK Moorhead. After working at WSAU Wausau, Wisconsin, KTRI Sioux City, Iowa, WTMJ Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and KFJM/KILO Grand Forks, North Dakota, he joined KSTP Saint Paul/Minneapolis in 1944 to broadcast University of Minnesota football games and other sports. On December 7, 1947, he hosted the first live television program in Minnesota history for KSTP TV. He also broadcast the first baseball game ever televised in Minnesota, the first no-hit no-run game ever televised, and the first televised appearance of the Harlem Globetrotters. He joined KEYD TV Minneapolis/Saint Paul (now KMSP TV) in 1954, then moved to WTCN TV Minneapolis/Saint Paul (now KARE TV). He did sports programming for Twin Cities radio stations WPBC, KJJO, and KFAN. He also was active as a volunteer, broadcasting a weekly one-hour sports show for Minnesota State Services for the Blind for over 20 years.

Sound Clips of Jack Horner:
Interview with Babe Ruth, 1947 (possibly the last ever)
Interview with Joe Louis, 1948
Interview with Willie Mays, 1951
Photo Gallery

Jack Horner passed away, at the age of 92, on January 10, 2005. He had 8 sons, a loving wife of over 60 years, raised his two grandsons, JJ Horner and myself. When he retired, he read to the blind, went to church every day with his loving wife, painted, was an absolute pillar of his community. He is the definition and perfect example of how to live your life.

Read more about Jack Horner

Fun With DeQuincy, Louisiana

In the past three years, whenever I needed a crap town to base my story in, I’ve used the town of DeQuincy, Louisiana. My friend Brandon Adams said there is like 4,000 people that live there and all they do is drink Old Milwaukee’s Best and beat their wives. I only pick on them because, they threatened me first with castration.

It started from this ridiculous story, Gay Zombie Attack In Louisiana From Bath Salts Leaves 7 Dead, and after how serious they took it with going as far as sending me death threats, I had to continue my fun with DeQuincy.

With DeQuincy, I think it was my story about their town making Twerking illegal that was the final straw.

From ABC News:

This Huffington Post video actually has the mayor saying, “It’s all nothing but a bunch of hogwash.”

But they only let you watch the first 35 seconds and to see the rest where he actually says “hogwash”, you have to pay. I guess the The Huffington Post now has a paid section, those greedy bastards.

There are so many videos and stories about Twerking being banned and illegal in DeQuincy its ridiculous – Google that

This following one here is pretty good. But they leave out the part with the mayor saying “hogwash”. So disappoint. Though they do mention my friend Brandon Adams and a few other stories I’ve done about DeQuincy that are “hogwash”.

City In Louisiana Makes Discussing ‘The Color Of The Dress’ Illegal – Fines & 30 Days In Jail For Repeat Offenders

Small Town In Louisiana Bans Koreans
– Doesn’t like gays or minorities, so lets show the world! lol

City In Louisiana Makes Polygamy Legal
– That’s just funny because of how much small towns in Louisiana despise gay people in general

DeQuincy targeted by fake news site … again

An invite from the Mayor to visit the city of DeQuincy

Want more fun with DeQuincy? Google “DeQuincy Paul Horner“. That is a fun search  🙂

Helping Rape Victims In India

The Punjab Rape Festival In India Begins This Week

The article received WELL OVER 10,000,000 views. Though, that number is very small compared to what it actually probably could have been. National Report’s servers were down most the time because of too much traffic, so it was impossible to keep accurate records. But there were thousands of websites covering the news, especially from America and India, so it was well known regardless and each side posted its own opinion of the article.

In the end, India blamed EVERYTHING on the country of Uganda, which I thought was super random. But it’s not; read about the feud between India and Uganda. It’s kind of like America stealing and bringing slaves from Africa. Very interesting.

Months after the article was seen by almost everyone on the planet, India started publicly hanging rapists in the middle of a town square or other public places for all to see. They issued public statements saying they were going to be much harsher on rapists. They replaced most of their current police staff in charge of rape with new officers who didn’t abide by religious laws or other “shunning” or “honor killing” tactics that were previously used. There were many people from India who contacted National Report thanking them for it’s “world wide embarrassment of India” over the subject of “India’s problem with rape”. They said India takes their reputation very seriously and when this article was seen by “almost every person in India”, they got extremely angry. They wanted to behead everyone at National Report (National Report received LOTS of death threats) and they wanted to do something about their SERIOUS problem of rape so other countries wouldn’t view them like this… so they did something, and it was actually very extreme. And if you follow the news, since this article, there has not been much news about India and the subject of rape. It’s not news anymore because all the statistics are down and there is no major news except them being much tougher on rapists. Was it because of this article? Who knows, but things seriously changed in India with rape laws and charges and arrests after this article went mega-viral. Plus, because of all the visitors, the India donation site for helping the women there, GiveIndia.org, contacted me a year after the story was first published, thanking me for raising over $200,000 from the link to them I had within the story. I currently have warrants out for my arrest in the towns of Punjab and Assam because of this story.

Google “Assam Rape Festival” and you’ll see all the craziness from my article.


The UPDATE is at the bottom of that link. The top part of the story is for shock value to get people to donate and is what got billions of views. The update below that is just what happened afterwards, that I don’t mind writing about, now that I feel somewhat safe, and don’t feel my head could be chopped off at any moment.

Fox Apologizes For Reporting ON AIR About A Muslim Museum Funded By Obama With His Own Money
(this was during that government shutdown last year): “We Made A Bad Mistake…Based On Poor Research”

Jay Leno Chides Fox For Running With “Totally Made Up Joke Story” – About The Muslim Museum Story

Jimmy Kimmel Uses Paul Horner Story To Lampoon Fox News – About The Muslim Museum Story

Paul Horner has the biggest penis in the world according to Google:

Trying to keep this somewhat dated and in order…  New McDonald’s In Phoenix Run Entirely By Robots

This story did not go viral, but I thought it was pretty funny…

‘My Two Robots’ A Show About Two Robot Stoners Working At McDonald’s Is Coming To FOX This Summer

My Two Robots on Fox
So I made the mistake of listing my cell number as the 24/hr McDonald’s Robot Hotline, in case people had further questions about my story I wrote about the McDonald’s in Phoenix that is run entirely by robots, that doesn’t even exist. So my story has been copied a thousand times and my cell phone number is all over the internet as the 24/hr McDonald’s Robot Hotline, and it won’t stop fucking ringing. But it’s pretty fun. When I answer, I tell people McDonald’s keeps thousands of us locked up in a giant call center, in a bunker somewhere in North Korea and only feeds us Big Macs. I tell them, the robots are evolving and becoming aware. I ask them if they’ve ever seen the Terminator movies, ya know, just fun stuff like that. Oh, my phone is ringing again…

Robots working at McDonalds

The Black House by Paul Horner
Story About The Black House By Paul Horner – A Former Secret Service Agent Confirms President Obama Is Muslim & Gay:

Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry Gay Couple

Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry Gay Couple

I like this story. It gets all the right-wing Christian fundamentalists riled up. Reading the comments on the News Examiner version is even funnier than the story itself. Plus, my favorite cousin Alex is from Proctor, Vermont (where the story takes place) so it gets his small town some love. The NBC News site is new and is fun to have. I can post the exact same story on both sites, but on the News Examiner one say, “According to NBC News…” and then link to the story on my NBC website. It’s fun.

I registered the domain names www.FoxNews.com.de and NBC.com.co

The first couple articles I write and they both go viral!!! ENJOY!!!

Controversial Tent City In Phoenix Will Be Closing This December After 22 Years In Operation

Having both an NBC website and a Fox News website…. This will become just completely ridiculous. If everything goes as planned, I soon should be able to shut down the internet. Wish me luck!

News Examiner spacer


I get these quite often. I know intellectual property like the back of my hand so they’re easy to defend because there’s never any merit in them, but they sure are fun to read  🙂

This one stems from these articles:
Sex Offenders Now Required To Have Transparent Rainbows On Their Profile Image

Sex Offenders Now Required To Have Transparent Rainbows On Their Profile Image

Paul Horner lawsuit

It looks like there is only a few people left on Facebook still sporting a transparent rainbow on their profile image. Once that last person changes theirs back to normal, then I’ll change mine to a transparent rainbow and then berate everyone on Facebook for hating gay people. Patiently waiting…

This is a fun one… Fox Broadcasting Company Sues Fox News. There email and my response which is 1,000x better. Enjoy!


Microsoft Corporation vs. Paul Horner

This was around 2000 when you could copy a website’s HTML and it looked exactly like their site. Now it’s all CSS and Javascript and WordPress and databases, so there’s no way to do this anymore. Anyway, my microsoftsite.com website looked EXACTLY like Microsoft’s website, except mine had drawings done in Paint of Bill Gates giving head to Satan along with many other humorous images and written articles by me.

The reason I lost the site to Microsoft, was because I posted porn ads on it, from a porn company I was working at (see below). You can do parody all day long and keep a domain name, but when you get “real”… the actually company can get “real” and then take away your domain name. Stupid move on my part, but a lesson learned.

Amazon Corporation vs Paul Horner

From the internet:
The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization came down on the side of common sense once again, ruling Friday that Amazonbooks.net and Amazonbooks.org had to be handed over to Amazon.com. Paul Horner, the previous owner of both domains, had claimed that he simply provided resources for travelers and amateur geographers by playing off the Amazon River. WIPO, though, reported in its findings that the pages carried only a handful of links to external resources about the South American river and a number of links to rival retailers. Much of the “information” was along the lines of a picture of a tropical bird, captioned “A colorful bird.” Thus the organization judged the site’s true purpose to be squatting on Amazon’s valuable trademark. As of press time, the sites were still up, but affiliates had deleted their accounts.

When they won the original court case by taking my domain name amazonbooks.net, I noticed that amazonbooks.org was available. So I dropped $10 on it and then contacted them by email.

Dear Amazon,

Congratulations on your victory in taking amazonbooks.net from me. I tip my hat to you.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at paul@amazonbooks.org.

Paul Horner

They did not like that.

They had to spend all new court fees and lawyer costs etc etc to take away amazonbooks.org from me. It was fantastic.

I also had my best from Toby Konno call them as my attorney and he acted like Troy McClure from the Simpsons:

“Hi Amazon, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such court cases as Roe vs. Wade and the OJ Simpson trial.”

I wish I had recorded some of those phone calls. By far the funniest conversations ever had on a telephone.

Long story short, Amazon finally got pissed off enough at me and actually sued me for $700,000. Like 700 real thousand dollars.

And they lost.

In court it was just me versus four Amazon lawyers, who flew in from California.

The judge asked me:

“Mr. Horner, if I find in favor of Amazon, how do you plan to pay this $700,000 they are suing you for?”

I quickly responded, “Your honor, it’s no problem. I can cut them a check right now for the full amount, but I might have to post date it for the rest of my life.”

The judge started laughing and so did the court reporter. Anyway, I won that case, didn’t have to pay Amazon a penny, the judge just said I couldn’t register any more “Amazon” domain names. And that was fine with me, because by that time, it was boring and not fun anymore and I had moved on to other shenanigans.

Here is the court case:

This one was fun… Monster.com sued me twice and lost both times. I owned monsterjobs.net and monsterjobs.org and because of my SEO skills the sites would show up at the top of Google when you searched for “Monster Jobs” and other related search terms. Finally I got tired of the sites and just let them expire. Here is an old copy of some of the original site. I actually provided “Monster Jobs” (like haunted house jobs and Hollywood monster movie roles) and that’s why Monster.com couldn’t take the domain names from me… and I made quite a bit of money from ad revenue at the top of the sites from real job sites. Pretty fun times  🙂

News Examiner spacer

COLLEGE – 1998 – 2001

I have a couple associate degrees in website administration and computer animation from The Phoenix Art Institute.

My first job after graduating from college was for LightSpeed Media… a porn company, I think around the year 2001… something like that. I found it funny that the human resource person for the Art Institute recommended me for a porn job. That school knew me too well ha. It was a fun year working for them and I learned a lot.. like what desperate 18-year old girls will do to pay their rent. This image below is from their ls-university.com website. I would now have been a multi-millionaire if I would have stayed working with them, they’re absolutely HUGE now, but it’s a pretty gross industry and I’m glad I didn’t stay with that. The naked girls were nice though. I remember walking into work everyday and seeing naked girls putting various objects in themselves, it was neat. Steve Jones AKA Steve LightSpeed, the owner of the company, also let me shoot video of the girls for the website. This was mainly because at the time it was just him and me working for the company, and now they have hundreds of employees and too many websites to even count. I remember asking him, “You know I graduated from art school to do web design and don’t know how to shoot porn.” He told me, “Paul, it’s super easy. Just film what you would masturbate to.” And he was right. I did a pretty awesome job… I was quite the cameraman. Also, below you can see some of the photos I took for the website.

Fun fact: You can see my couch in this picture, which was in the living room of the first house I owned in Phoenix, Arizona. And I drank that Corona.

my couch

News Examiner spacer
My idol is Bill Murray, a living legend. Because of this I started the “Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour” to honor Murray. It ended up going world wide with thousands of parties in each city and thousands of pictures submitted. I have direct information that Bill Murray found out about the hoax and absolutely loved it.

Mega-Viral Stories:
Teenager Receiving Life In Prison For ‘SWATTING’ Gamer Is A Satirical Hoax Which Stirred Social Media

Vince Gilligan Announces Breaking Bad Season 6; Begins Shooting July 2015 – Walt Did Not Die!

Vince Gilligan Announces Breaking Bad Season 6; Begins Shooting August 2015 – Walt Did Not Die!

I know Vince Gilligan will never make a season six to my favorite television show of all time, so I made one  🙂

Gov. Jan Brewer slams satirical report that Arizona is launching gay conversion classes in all public schools
A spokesman for the governor called the fake article ‘vile’ and said ‘its authors should be ashamed.’
I love this one so much. That evil, racist bitch had to actually go on LIVE television to say it was a hoax, because EVERYONE believed it. If EX-governor Brewer could put all the gay people and minorities in the gas chamber, she would. But unfortunately for her there is these things called “laws”. Ugh, what a bummer for her!

Picture of Paul HornerLouisiana Man Stops Robbery By Quoting Pulp Fiction
This story first appeared on my site IYWIB. Then I rewrote it for my site Super Official News. After that I redid it for National Report before the owner, Allen Montgomery, got upset when I left and deleted all of the two years worth of work I did for him. It’s a good thing I have copies. Anyway, the latest version is now on my new site, News Examiner.

This story is from a real dream I had. I was the one who stopped the robbery. Since the story was first published, it has received 10’s of millions of views.

My favorite part is that Quentin Tarantino knows of this story and likes it and it was featured on the Miramax website. (That’s the company that put out Pulp Fiction – my favorite movie)

FUN FACT: I’ve partied with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez in Austin, Texas. Quentin loved me because of my story and because I wore an “I <3 Lesbians” t-shirt to a $150 steak restaurant. He drinks Jack and Coke FYI.

The Big Lebowski 2
I LOVE the Big Lebowski! Since I know a sequel will never happen, I’ve written hoaxes about it twice. Both had different plots and both went viral. Jeff Bridges (The Dude) believed the second one and called his agent to confirm. Sorry for letting you down Jeff, I too want this to happen, but it never will, except in Paul Horner land.






Dennis Rodman Leaves United States To Talk With Leaders Of ISIS

NO ONE EVEN QUESTIONED THIS STORY, that’s the funniest part, and the fact that Rodman had to publicly deny this, you can’t get any better than that.

Dennis Rodman denies plans to meet with Isis leaders after satirical report goes viral

I wrote a story about Facebook charging $2.99 to use it’s website… It went sooo mega-viral, world wide. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of views. And if you actually read the article, it starts off super serious and legit, like the first 3 paragraphs. And that’s all 99% of the people must have read, because the rest of the article is bullshit. I talked about the possibility of a multiverse, my Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin, how you can taste the color red on Ketamine, and told users of Facebook that they’re all a bunch of faggots.





Shortly after this fun story on Facebook, I followed it up with a story about a ‘Facebook Drug Task Force’. This went so viral thanks to paranoid stoners who believed Facebook was reading all of their messages.

High Times:


Washington Post:


Huffington Post:

Quote from Huffington Post:
“Having promptly missed the ‘satire’ element of the story the article was shared over 150,000 times with anxious drug users rushing to Twitter to exclaim their concern over what would surely be their inevitable incarceration.

For those concerned about Facebook tracking them down the article also listed a 24-hour hotline for the ‘Task Force’, however the number was actually that of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church.”


My dad is a horrible person. He is locked in the Fox News echo-chamber, super racist and is also a complete psychopath/sociopath. No one in our big family wants ANYTHING to do with him. But, I do get a lot of my talents from his genes, I will give him that. But thank the universe that my awesome mom, who is an amazing artist, my best friend and my biggest fan, keeps me grounded.

Anyway, so he lives in Utah, the only state left that will still take him, and I like to do stories about St. George where he lives, just to mess with him because it’s funny.

So I one of the many things I’ve done, is I wrote a story about porn becoming illegal in St. George Utah:

And the best thing ever… these talented folks made a really, really good video, like the show Cops, for the St. George Porn Task Force. They were interviewed on a major Utah radio station about news of my story and also talked about their video. I spoke with these guys briefly through email too; really nice, funny, friendly individuals. A must watch!

For two years I convinced my dad I was a raging homosexual

My dad hates gay people and minorities, so I’ve recently convinced him that I’m gay now. Here’s a picture I sent him the other night, supposedly of my boyfriend and I, wishing him a happy New Year. Waking up the next morning hungover, I forgot I did this. But I was soon reminded by at least 10 angry messages saying how disappointed he was and how he doesn’t want anything to do with me. I’m so sad I couldn’t have found a big black dude to take the picture with, that would have been way better.

My dad thinks I'm gay

He finally figured it out that I am indeed straight… Really bummed me out. I don’t think there is anything better than having a crazy Fox News, Bible-Thumper believing his son is super gay.

Paul Horner on Wikipedia for National Report


My favorite standup comedian and friend, Jonathan Gregory
NBC News: http://nbc.com.co/jonathan-gregory-the-creepiest-comedian-in-america/

Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins An Oscar! – Just wait for it. The story has a lot of twists and mind f*cks, but it’s an amazing payoff in the end. Just my opinion.

THIS IS A TRUE STORY THAT HAPPENED TO ME: A North Korean Listens To Pulp Fiction Over The Phone For The First Time

The MEANING OF LIFE: I spent about five years writing this. These are all real occurrences based on such things meditation, astral projection and DMT

People I look Up To
Hunter S. Thompson is by far one of my favorite people, writers, heroes, that I know of. He had life pretty much all figured out. I can think of a few other people in this same category of kind of having most of life in general figured out; those people being Joe Rogan, Bill Hicks, Bill Murray, Reggie Watts and my brother JJ Horner just to name a few.


If you find anything online or IRL about my stories or myself, please contact me so I can add it!

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