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Scott Kelly Tweets Picture of UFO from International Space Station

Space, U.S.A.- Astronaut Scott Kelly stirred up conspiracy theorists and Facebook astronomers alike last week when he tweeted a picture from the International Space Station that shows what is apparently a UFO. The photo shows what resembles a pair of headlights in the upper right hand area.

real ufo

Well clearly we are not alone

According to Fox News the object is approximately 1,000 feet away and nearly 100 feet long. It is unclear at this time what the object in the picture actually is but that hasn’t stopped wild speculation on the topic. Some have said the object is an alien spacecraft, others have said it is just a piece of the ISS. And others have gone so far as to say the item is a flying 57 Chevy Bel Air based on the shape and orientation of the lights.

Famed German Ufologist Frederich Beon has even weighed in with his opinion. “This object has the classical cigar shape with lights at both ends,” said Beon. “I agree with what the scientists over at Fox News have said. The object appears to be roughly 300 meters away and 30 meters in length. This will most likely turn out to be confirmation of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet.”

Powerful words.

This wasn’t the only picture tweeted by Kelly around this time but for some reason they have not garnered near as much attention. For instance this picture was tweeted by Kelly shortly before the one shown above.



This picture was taken in the same area and clearly shows some sort of…..legitimate object near the top of the frame. I don’t know what that is but it’s no Chevy Bel Air.

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