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Dox on Jon Eric Ritzheimer AKA Scrappy AKA Scrappy Rider

Jon Ritzheimer D0Xed
Written by Peter Walken

At the request of Jon Eric Ritzheimer, I have removed the information that was formally on this page. But have no fear! This information is readily available with a simple Google search or on anonymous posting websites such as and the archives on

When someone is as racist, bigoted, hateful and evil as Jon Eric Ritzheimer – a father who puts his children at risk for his hate-filled actions – There is always plenty of ways to get his info. There are always people that stand up against the evil and hate in this world, and in the end, love always wins.

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Peter Walken

Peter Walken is an independent editor, an award-winning writer, and an editorial consultant. He is currently a contributing editor at News Examiner, where he has worked as a senior editor.

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