100% PROOF That Donald Trump Is Attempting To Spread Fear In This Country

Donald Trump is using fear to spread his message
Written by Ben Davis

Donald Trump said there was a terrorist attack in Sweden. It turned out it was Neo-Nazis who were attacking a refugee center. So where did Trump get this information? Fox News, who I learned today is apparently a media outlet not part of Trump’s “fake news” world.

See this tweet @:

If he was seriously concerned about what happened in Sweden, he would have turned off Fox New and and contacted either the NSA, the CIA, Homeland Security, the F.B.I., checked other news channels or at least asked his secretary. But no. He took to Twitter to push his racist, white supremacist, hate filled, intolerant, bullshit agenda. This man is pushing for either a war, some way to line his pockets, seriously wants just a country filled with white people or all of the above.

I thought this was the case before, but there was never any hard, solid evidence. That is proof.



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