Why Are Divorces More Common Now Than In The Past?

divorce more common now than in the past
Written by Ben Davis

People can get a divorce due to a countless number of reasons. If we are to look at statistics though, the truth is that they happen so much more often than they used to. Why is that? So many things can be said but what should be understood is presented below.

On the whole, the most common of the reasons why people get a divorce are the following:

  • Financial problems
  • Problems in communication
  • Lifestyle differences
  • Religious affiliations differences
  • Pornography issues
  • Mental instability or illness
  • Prison terms and criminal behaviors
  • Falling out of love
  • Women had to stay in bad relationships in the past because of family and religious reasons
  • Growing apart

Lack Of Communication

Out of all the various reasons why couples get a divorce, lack of communication has to be seen as number one. Unfortunately, with the evolution of technology couples ended up talking less than they used to. In theory, social media and modern smartphones were supposed to help us communicate easier with each other. Unfortunately, this also led to people communicating with other people more and this is where neglect appears.

It has to be added that lack of communication also leads to problems in regards to very important things in life. For instance, when one of the spouses has work problems we tend to see that he/she neglects saying anything about it to the partner. That is not at all a good idea but it does happen. Basically, only bad things can come from this and divorces surely happen.

Financial Status Changes

Based on the information offered by The Colwell Law Group, financial problems keep increasing on a regular basis for modern couples. The world is becoming more and more complicated so it should be no surprise to notice that finances become tougher to deal with. Financial status is something that changes in life. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems in the couple.

As a simple example, many divorces now appear because women start to make more money than men. A man is basically ending up feeling less of a man. Although the concept is not great based on modern ways of looking at life, it is something that is influencing everything, including the life of the married couple.

Getting Married Too Early

Although people tend to marry later now than in the past, there are still many that will marry at a really young age. That is not something that helps the marriage. In many situations when we see that a couple will get married as they are way too young, at least one of them ends up with resentment about things that were not tried in the past. This is not a good way to start or continue a marriage.


Divorces are now more common than they used to be. There is no way to deny that. We do not expect this to change in the near future. However, it is a really good idea to understand that things can go wrong at any point in time. Many of the problems that appear can be solved in a marriage through communication.

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