What your Drinking Habits are Doing to Your Relationship

drinking habits in a relationship
Written by Ben Davis

You love your significant other. They make you happy; they make you feel at home, and they make you feel at peace. Everyone changes small habits to make their relationship more pleasant. Small things go a long way in making your partner happy. Hanging up your coat. Not putting your feet on the table. Small habits that don’t cost anything to change.

Some things, however, are more sacred; even if they’re wrong. The habits that we hold on very near and dear to our hearts. For the most part, your partner should respect these habits. If they can’t, and you are unwilling to change them, your relationship will strain. Drinking habits are an example of this.

What happens when your partner is concerned about your drinking habits? What happens when you ignore their concerns?

The strain that is caused by a bad drinking habit will not go away. Your partner is worried about your health, your career, and your life. A drinking problem is not something your partner will (or should) just accept. They might use one of many drinking regulation strategies people use to try to change another’s behaviour. When your partner believes you have a drinking problem, they will typically either punish your habit or reward your abstinence of it.

The problem, however, is that when you ignore your partner’s concerns and continue your habits uninhibited, you hurt them. You throw their care back into their face. Their retaliation will typically return in the form of anger. In yelling, arguments, nagging, and emotional manipulation. The frustration that builds from this standoff will ruin your relationship.

Punishment will only result in frustration and anger.

Being in a relationship affects your drinking habits. The two of you should be matching pace with one another, and this should naturally be moderating your intake. The opposite, however, can also happen. One partner might feel pressured to match the pace of a more veteran drinker. When you continue to outpace your significant other; begin to show signs of alcoholism or your health worsens, that is when your partner will worry. Don’t pressure them to match your bad habit. Don’t take their concern lightly.

Your drinking habits are ruining your relationship, and, if you don’t do something, your drinking habits will cause your partner to leave. It is usually only once someone hits rock bottom that they seek help. Don’t wait too long. Don’t make someone who loves you hurt because you won’t stop a habit that is also hurting you. AA Meetings are filled with people who are in the same boat as you.

Don’t be one of the too many cases that only seek for help after their drinking habits have broken their relationships. Searching for “AA Meetings near me“ is a quick and simple thing to do. Getting help is not hard. Being committed to changing your life, is. Do it for your partner. Do it for those that love you. Do it for yourself.



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