As Christianity Declines, There Are Many Ways for the Faithful to Stay Visible

Christianity decline
Written by Ben Davis

There was once a time when following Christianity was the norm, and faithful families across the nation flocked to church every Sunday. Now, according to recent news stories, Christianity is on the decline. Furthermore a greater number of people identify as non-religious, compared to past decades. Statistics also show individuals from the Millennial generation are becoming less and less linked to religion as they get older. However, there are many ways proud Christians can show their faith, and numerous ideas are discussed below.

Show Strong Christian Leadership

The Bible offers many examples of how Jesus Christ was an inspirational leader to His followers. He also attracted attention for making people think about things differently than what they had been taught. Eventually, that forward-thinking mindset got him crucified, but it also caused people around the world to continue following Jesus after His death, because He had made such a positive impact through the way he lived His life.

Being a leader to others need not mean sacrificing your life. But, your Christian faith offers a perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and be a good example for others. Whether you’re just guiding your household, or been tasked with leading a 40-member Girl Scout troop, always approach your leadership responsibilities with the mindset of letting Christ’s actions shine through you.

Defy What Others Expect of You

Unfortunately for many Christians, those who don’t follow the faith often have misconceptions of those who do. As a Christian, you may have encountered people who think you should act, dress, and think certain ways based on your faith. While it’s true there are many biblical principles that teach us how to live, it’s not feasible to think that every Christian will follow those practices to the letter.

Put simply, that’s because people interpret scriptures in vastly different ways. That means other Christians may not universally agree upon a principle subscribed to by one follower of the faith. No matter what you believe and why, challenge the perceptions fellow members of society have of you by defying expectations and showing admirable boldness. Consider that no matter what you do, you’re getting an opportunity to mimic Christ through your engagement.

Show a Keen Awareness of Others in Need

You can also be a faithful Christian by constantly being aware of others who may need your assistance. For example, go check on elderly neighbors before a snowstorm and make sure they have everything they to safely cope with the wicked weather. Also, consider volunteering your time to help others. That may entail voluntarily coaching your son’s pee-wee soccer team or serving food at a soup kitchen every week.

There’s no limit to ways you can help others. Regardless of how you put your faith in action through those gestures, always carry them out without an expectation of earthly rewards. Matthew’s gospel talks about how rather than fixating on treasures in this life, we should anticipate what awaits us in Heaven.

The more you demonstrate beneficial actions towards others, the easier it’ll be for those people to recognize that you’re doing those things because you truly care about being helpful, not because you want something in return. Also, try to be inconspicuous about sharing your faith.

Occasionally, people may make comments that indicate they’re incredulous about why you’re donating your time and talent. If that happens, you have a great opportunity to explain how your Christian faith compels you to do what you can for others. However, don’t elaborate unless asked. People should feel like you’re pitching in out of the goodness of your heart, not because you’re trying to force your faith down their throats.
Start a Community Group

There are numerous biblical examples of how Christ calls His followers to engage in communal activities with other believers, particularly within local churches. If you’re currently attending a congregation in your community, see if some of the other worshippers are interested in segmenting off into a smaller group that meets to support specific types of people. For example, you might decide to lead a local gathering of single women or recovering alcoholics.
Strive to Learn and Live Out the Scriptures

Some scriptural teachings overwhelm even those who have been Christians for decades. Fortunately, help is at hand, thanks to dedicated organizations like The Way International that communicate the scriptures accurately to interested persons. Whether you want advice about matters of the heart or how to deal with anxiety, there are countless suggestions to follow in the Bible. Organizations like The Way International bring clarity to previously confusing passages of scripture. After getting answers to your most pressing questions, make sure to live out what you’ve learned.

Although this list doesn’t encompass all the ways you can showcase your faith as a proud Christian, it’ll get you off to a strong start. Use these suggestions to inspire others through your beliefs today.

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