People who go to church have less damages during storms

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Texas 29-8-17

In Houston it looks like something out of a apocalypse, after storm Harvey wrecked the coast this last week. The damages are estimated are now 25,4 billion and that amount is expected to rise even higher as more of the damage becomes clear. The amount of damage is the highest since hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

After hurricane Katrina a discussion arose on whether to strengthen the coast line at a high cost, or pay for the damages later. In order to find this out a study was started on the damages by the university of Houston. The  study was mainly location based and the data of the damage was taken from insurance companies and from surveys from the people after the hurricane. In order to see where strengthening of the coast was needed the most. After the intensive research was completed the people working on the study calculated found that the risk of something like this happening again were so low that it would cost 3 times more to fortify the coastal line then to pay for the damages afterwards. After the investigation was rounded up and the conclusion was found nobody ever looked at the numbers again in order to see if  there are different correlations.

Now back to 2017

As another storm was heading for Texas a student from the university of Houston decided to look at the numbers again and look for different correlations between the person and the amount of damage of the hurricane. Not much was found but one big revelation was made which is straight up shocking. As it turned out people who went to church often more often and cared about Christianity had to pay on average 20% less in damaged goods. Atheists on the other hand usually paid 5% more in damages. But Jews had to pay even more on average which was 40% more!

How can this be!?

How can your belief influence the amount of damage you have on average? Some will say its God and this proves that Christianity is the ultimate true religion. But the real reasoning is a bit different.

Back in the early days of the revolution for independence many churches were being built. These churches had to be very obvious and easy to find, that’s why they were built on the top of hills. To a result of the way some people chose their houses. It was found out that people who went to church often also lived closer to churches and thus higher above sea level. These houses were often two or three story. Jews on the other hand don’t often see beautiful houses as a necessary thing they usually live in houses closer to sea level with only one floor where all the belongings have to be kept and thus causing more damage. For atheists they tend to live very average and spread across communities so they don’t see any really significant numbers.

So the question is:

Is this God’s work? some will argue yes and some will argue no. I at this point don’t want to pull a conclusion and will wait for the numbers of hurricane Harvey, and then pull a final conclusion with a bigger study being started already by the university of Houston.

Article by: Bor van Zeeland

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