The Craziest Sports the Olympics Got Rid Of

old Olympic sports
Written by Ben Davis

Well the Olympics have come and gone for another 4 years and I for one am very grateful. I am not a fan of the Olympics and the way that gold medal winners are held up as Gods or second comings of Jesus, when in actual fact they are just quite good at running or throwing things. I would much prefer to live in a world where people are adorned with praise and fame for mental achievements like they are with physical ones. Anyway, even though I have some issues with the Olympics I still thought I would write an article about some of the stranger sports that have been seen at the Olympics and some that people tried to make happen, but were eventually rejected.

Tug Of War
To be honest I would probably watch tug of war if they brought it back to the Olympics. Tug of war was first seen in the 1900 Olympics and lasted for about 20 years. If weight lighting is included, why not tug of war? A group of people pull on a rope until either the rope snaps or one team falls down. What is not to like about that? And another thing: this was actually an original Olympic sport, so should definitely be in next time.

Hot Air Ballooning
Sticking with the 1900 Olympics (the Victorians knew how to have fun), as is evidenced by their inclusion of hot air ballooning to the games. I’m not really sure how this is a sport, but if shooting is counted as a sport than I suppose anything can be. The contestants (is that the right word?) where marked on their distance, elevation, duration, and hopefully how colourful their balloons were. It was a short-lived addition, but boy-oh-boy do I wish it was back. It would produce a nice distraction from having to watch Usain Bolt win again.

Pole Dancing
Okay, this hasn’t ever been a sport at the Olympics, but it falls into the category of one that people are trying to make happen and I for one am all for it. Anyone who has ever tried pole dancing will attest to how difficult it is and if gymnastics (and whatever that version with the ribbon is called) is allowed, then surely pole dancing should be included. It would also help with the stigma of pole dancers in the world, who are just making a living.

Solo Synchronized Swimming
The longer you look at the name of this event, the less it actually makes sense. How can you possibly have synchronized swimming with one person and who would ever actually want to watch one person swimming on their own? Normal synchronized swimming is one of the more enjoyable sports at the current Olympics, but I don’t think this one from 1984 to 1992 would have been quite so dynamic.

Don’t worry, bingo has never been made an Olympic sport, but like with pole dancing, there was a time where people were trying to make it a thing at the Olympics. Can you imagine winning a gold medal playing Bingo? You’d be the joke of the Olympic village, however at least training would be easy as you’d just have to lounge around in your underwear playing it online. Seems like the perfect Olympic sport for me, to be honest.

Finally, let’s pop over to the icy version of the Olympics – which is actually much more interesting than the summer one – and to one of the events that is still being played in the modern Winter Olympics and that is curling. Just think about it for a minute and consider how bizarre a sport it is. It’s like beach boules but with ice and brushes. Try and explain the sport to someone who has never seen it and you’ll understand how weird it is.

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