4 Common Pitfalls in IT and How Video Meetings Prevent Them

Written by Frank Kremer

Your team isn’t delivering 100 percent. You wonder what’s wrong. Here are 4 common pitfalls in your IT system that could be getting in the way of all the work you need to get done—and how video conferencing can help provide an optimum solution:

Inflexible system

If people need to get to the office just to get work done, this could be cutting into your team’s productivity in a huge way. With the help of better communication tools, apps and software like video conferencing, your staff don’t have to be tied to their desks eight hours a day, five days a week. That also means greater flexibility for every employee. Cascade News says about 80 percent of employees see work from home arrangements as a great advantage. By offering that kind of workaround for your staff, you give them better control over their schedules. That’s going to make a massive difference, allowing better work-life balance for your staff. It also sends the right kind of message: that you care about their well-being and want the best for them. By using tools that allow greater mobility and flexibility at work, you don’t just boost productivity, you also improve your ROI and bottom line.

Non-visual interaction

It’s not exactly a defect. After all, for many years, businesses were able to subsist on emails and chats. However, that also accounted for plenty of misunderstandings between employees and among teams. How often have you thought of how insensitive or rude a person is, only to be blown away by how different they are in person? Many people haven’t nailed their online personalities yet. That could make for awkward conversations. So a single word could come across as rude or impolite where that was probably the last thing on your contact’s mind, Small Biz Daily says. With the introduction of a business video conferencing solution for IT from industry names like BlueJeans, teams are in a better position to understand each other. Visual cues provide a good context to help you get a better handle on what the rest of your team on the other side of the camera are trying to say. That offers tremendous advantage to businesses, especially with those that employ remote teams. With an increasingly global workplace, hiring and keeping remote teams can be a challenge. With the right tools, though, keeping on track of offsite employees are now easier than ever.


The problem with IT systems that still rely heavily on hardware is that they tend to be outmoded. The rapid pace of changing technologies mean you have better options to choose from. This is especially true in the case of video solutions. It also makes for faster and better ways to communicate not just with the rest of your team but with your customers and clients as well. Need to send in revisions? Got it. Want to turn in those revisions or adjustments asap? You’re covered. Need to make sure everyone on your team’s on the same page about work schedules and updates? Check. By utilizing newer modes of communication, you can look forward to eliminating delays and improving the operational efficiency of your staff. As video chats and conferences make it possible for people to stay hi, catch up and collaborate on projects, beating deadlines with your remote teams has never been this easy.

Costly upgrades

Another thing about your communication system could be its costly upgrades. You need to regularly update your hardware to make sure your system is in tip-top shape, allowing you to offer your team with all the bells and whistles that make their life and work much, much easier. However, if those upgrades cost an arm and a leg, most companies would just opt for the basic version rather than spending on those additional costs. The result? You don’t get to maximize the tools you have. You also fail to provide your team with the best tools in the market. That could be one reason for their productivity lag. So if you think your team’s performance is lagging behind, assess the quality of your communication platform. If it’s too old or too outmoded and you can’t shell out the extra cash for upgrades, well, you don’t have to. With online conferencing solutions, all you need to do is download the software and install it. No need to lose sleep over upgrades that cost you a ton.

These are just four of the most common pitfalls in your IT system. So check yours for any of these. If you think your IT system could be better, don’t hesitate to consider the merits of integrating it with a compatible video solution. Given the advantages this brings to the table, video meetings and conferences might just be the one thing you need to turn things around for you and your team.

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