4 of the World’s Best Photo Blogs

Best Photo Blogs
Written by Jimmy Rustling

When photo blogs first hit the web, they were very different to those that we see today, with most dedicated to the images of a single photographer, normally the author of the blog.

From these humble beginnings, organisations and individuals have grown the medium into a powerful and effective tool, used for disseminating art, discussing politics and bringing the photographic community together.

So of all of the many blogs out there, which are the best? Well, thanks to personal taste this is never going to be a decisive list and everyone is sure to have their own opinion, but here are five photo blogs that you should definitely check out.

  1. No Caption Needed

‘A picture tells a thousand words’ – this phrase is especially evident on the No Caption Needed photo blog, which chooses one image per day to discuss, meditate on and share.

The photos are often closely related to current affairs and offer a welcome respite from the frantic world of TV news, with each image giving the viewer plenty of time and space to draw their own conclusions, as well as to read the thoughts of others.

With the aim of being “dedicated to discussion of the role that photojournalism and other visual practices play in a vital democratic society”, the No Caption needed blog has high ambitions, but as its success has already lead to a book, these ambitions may be well founded.

  1. Rock n Roll Bride

Rock n Roll Bride was started in 2007 by ex-television producer Kat Williams, in order to fill a glaring gap in the market. At the time it was the only UK-based wedding blog on the web.

The main idea behind the blog is to showcase wedding photography that you wouldn’t normally see in the glossy magazines or on traditional sites – the kind of weddings that actually look like good fun.

Rock n Roll Bride has inspired a whole generation of photographers, couples and wedding planners to think outside the box and do something a little bit different.

As well as the author’s own musings, the site is open to submissions, so photographers and newlyweds can showcase their work.

  1. Prison Photography

Started in October 2008 by Lancashire-born Pete Brook, who is himself is not a photographer, but a freelance writer merely with a passion for the subject.

Brook uses Prison Photography as a basis for political outreach; to comment on issues within the prison system, police force and media. He believes that the US incarceration system requires large-scale reform by encouraging creativity as a form of rehabilitation.

Prison Photography mainly showcases images of the pre-Internet period – photographs that are yet to make it into digital publication. His work has received honours from the British Journal of Photography, the New York Times, has spawned a book which features interviews and exclusive photographs from two dozen photographers who have documented prison life in America within the past 40 years.

  1. Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere is a travel blog that was started in 2007 by a man called Gary Arndt.

Although he is now considered a guru in the travel photography sector, Arndt had never even seen salt water until he reached the age of 21, let alone travel the world. It wasn’t until he sold his business and was sent on a 3 week, worldwide business trip in 1999 that he even considered traveling.

At least 99% of the photographs published on the Everything Everywhere blog have been taken by Arndt himself. One of the most intriguing aspects of the blog is that Arndt never had any formal training or photography experience prior to starting Everything Everywhere. He simply decided to pick up a Nikon D200 and see what happened.

Everything Everywhere has received widespread critical acclaim over the years and even managed to rank on Time Magazine’s top 25 Blogs of 2010 list.

Whether you’re a confirmed photoholic or not, photography blogs offer a great space for enjoying the latest and greatest in this powerful media. If you want to start your own, try synchronizing your website with Instagram to take advantage of the beautiful filters. You can also use Vibbi to buy Instagram views and build up a following. This will help you set off on the right path from the very beginning.

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