Best Address Book Apps for iPhone

Written by Ben Davis

Keeping track of all your addresses and contact information can be difficult, particularly when you are busy and unable to keep up such an intricate system. No one likes to feel like they are unable to reach the people they need or at a loss for where and when they last met someone, especially when it’s an important work contact. Being able to organize your contacts and address book is essential to staying productive at the office.

Here are some of the best apps for contact information organization and collection for your iPhone.

Covve – The Ultimate Professional Address Book

Covve is a complex system that allows for convenient and thorough management of all of your contacts. It will fill in additional details for your contacts such as their location, industry, company, picture, and any other details it can find by scanning public sources. This info then becomes instantly searchable so you can quickly find a contact in a company, industry or country you are after. Covve complements its app with a powerful web interface allowing you to navigate interactive visualizations of your contacts and access advanced search, filter, and segmentation options, so you always have your contacts at your fingertips. There is an ability to favorite the contacts you use more often, add searchable, customized tags and archive your taxis and restaurants, so they are not in the way. It allows you to send ‘live’ business cards and auto-updates contact details between users that know each other, so you always have each other’s latest phone number. One of the neatest features of Covve is the automatic contact reminders. Sometimes, we neglect contacts in our address book, whether we’re too busy to remember them or they aren’t someone we keep in contact with regularly – Covve ensures you are reminded to keep in touch with the people that matter most. Finally, Covve allows you to create a private network between friends and colleagues — facilitating introductions to the people you need to meet.

Simpler Contacts – Your Contacts Simpler than Ever

This app was created by YT Development and has gotten high reviews. It’s not an intricate system, and if you’re looking for something more complex, this might not be for you. This app simplifies your contacts. It merges contacts for duplicate addresses; there’s contact backup for your apps, filter options by job and birthday, a “smart dialer” feature, and a quick access menu. Customers reviewed the app well, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. The few complaints were related to the simplicity of the app, which requires in-app purchases.

Addappt – Up-to-Date Contacts

One of the great features of this app is its data aggregation. Generally, to manage your contacts, you would need to fill in the new information that you received if someone changed. This app manages it for you. If you and your colleague are connected through the app, and your colleague changes his or her information, the change will be reflected in your data. That way, you aren’t behind on your addresses. Customers reviewed this app as above-average on sites such as CNET and Google Play. The criticism that people had was, like Simpler Contacts, the app was very simplistic.

CircleBack – Address Book Management & Contact Updates

iTunes’ customers reviewed this app with a 4.2 out of 5 rating and noted that one of its great features is its ability to take email addresses from contacts and seamlessly integrate them into your contacts. With email still a popular choice for those of us who don’t have time to call someone right away and don’t want the informality of text, CircleBack’s email feature is very advantageous. If you have personal email contacts that contain duplicate information, this app will synthesize it to minimize clutter. The complaint some customers had was that it was not as customizable as they would have liked.

We all want to have apps that are responsive to our needs, as well as app-makers that know what their customers require and can design a system that will organize and keep all of your information neatly prepared for when you need it.

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