How Can I Make My PowerPoint Presentations Attractive?

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Written by Jimmy Rustling

Is my presentation attractive enough? Everyone who has ever made a speech for a serious audience has somehow asked this question. If you want your presentation to have a significant impact, the first thing you take into account is the attractiveness of its design. Design matters but it is not a sole thing your listeners love. They want all presentations become a good illustration of what speakers tell. Continue reading if you want to find out which qualities they will like the most.

4 criteria any audience admires:

  1. Bright and original template: If you’ve found the right template, you’ve already passed half way to your desired presentation design. No matter whether you use a template purchased at pptstar or you use standard PowerPoint templates, if they fit your topic, your audience will love it. Avoid making it too bright or rich of colors as it can distract your audience from what you say;
  2. Simplicity: The best slide is the one which has remained in your listener’s’ memory. Your listener will not memorize a slide full of pictures, formulas, and graphs. But if your listeners look at a simple picture or scheme, they have much higher chances for remaining in their memory;
  3. Cohesiveness: The most consequent presentations are those, where you cannot rearrange slides. Every presentation should have a slide with contents and a clear structure, where one element comes right after another one. This way your audience will justify your conclusions and the reason why you’ve made a speech that way;
  4. Uniqueness: Making presentations is not an art of reiteration. Don’t employ tedious and crooked solutions and never try to make something similar to what you’ve already seen. People don’t like to see the same picture the second time, even if it is very beautiful.

Pay attention to your idea

The key to making a good presentation is knowing what you want listeners bring from your speech. If presenters want to deliver their idea – they should focus on it. If you want to tell them about some changes in country’s economy – focus on them and summarize while finishing. Set attainable goals at the start and make everything possible for their attainment. Else you will dissipate and listeners will see it perfectly.

If you want your presentation to be successful – never focus on a presentation itself. It shouldn’t be a decoration or something which shows speaker’s skills. A presentation should be a weapon. It should be a sharp weapon which catches listeners’ attention from the very start and holds it to the end of the speech. It is up to presenters’ skills and desire to use it for achieving their purpose combining it with the excellent public speaking skills and ability of telling structurally.

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