The Criteria Used in Ranking Endpoint Security solutions

End Point Security
Written by Ben Davis

Most of the information that people consume today is from the internet, and that includes product reviews. This is no surprise because today’s tech allows it- and it is the easiest way out.

The marketplace has shifted and the biggest marketplace that you can find today is the internet. In this crowded market, you will lack nothing to buy, but the problem is that it is hard to find the best product. This is usually the case when you are looking for any product including an endpoint security solution for your business.

With the many solutions that you will find online, it will be hard to choose the best solution for your endpoint security management. Luckily, that is something that you can determine from various product reviews that are done by the industry experts. The rankings are not the same though across the board, and this still leaves high chances confusion. So, how should you go about it? Pick a number one from any list and assume everything will be ok?

It is only when you understand the criteria used in those rankings that you will come up with your own number one solution. They include the following:

  • Features

The features that a solution has will determine how well it will handle your endpoint security. It should have the basic security features like firewall protection, antimalware and antiphishing together with other specific features that cater for your specific needs. You can decide to go for a software development kit which allows you only to choose the features that you need, go for a rebranded solution with preset features or a hybrid of both. The best tech is, however, the one that offers a variety of features and options that address your endpoint security needs.

  • Complexity

It is important to realize that your IT staff will be responsible for the implementation and management of your endpoint security solution and as such, it should be easy for them to use, have the right set of skills and the solution should fit the size of your organization.

  • Performance

Another endpoint security feature that is paramount is performance whereby it should deliver protection to all your endpoints, files, domains, network elements and all points of entry. For instance, you will want to use the next generation endpoint security software that will effectively predict, detect, prevent and respond to security threats instantly.

Malware of today are highly sophisticated and transforming, and common endpoint security software or solutions may fail to function effectively against them. A good solution also performs effectively with minimum CPU and memory consumption which means it integrates well with your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Support for multiple endpoint products

The number of endpoint devices that users are using to access your business network is highly growing and a good endpoint security solution should support a variety of these endpoints that include not only desktops and laptops but also tablets, smartphones, POS machines, multifunction printers and barcode scanners among many others that connect to your business network. Defining endpoints can also be a problem and leaving out any endpoint is dangerous because they are vulnerable and act as easy points of attack.

The current advanced tech has its own good and bad side. The bad side has to do with malware and other cyber security threats that can cause you a nightmare in terms of data loss, breach or hostage. This is why you cannot compromise on the quality of endpoint security solution that you take because endpoints are the weakest and common entry points of attacks. It is good to go through various reviews online, but you should also know what they base their rankings on.

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