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Four Thing To Watch Out For In The Cyber World

Written by Frank Kremer

Security is the most important aspect of a business. Companies that fail to secure their data and finances wind up bankrupt and discredited. You need to make certain that all your data remains in the right hands. Here are four common security threats you can eliminate in 2017.


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An assistant director of the NSA once noted that 80 percent of cyber-attacks are preventable. In layman’s terms, human error is the explanation for many breaches. People make mistakes, and their errors open the gates for hackers. Thankfully, a solution exists. You should use IT automation and monitoring to stop hacking. Computers don’t make the mistakes that employees do.

You should add reliable IT automation and monitoring to protect your interests. This clever software constantly checks your access points, verifying that everyone interacting with your accounts has the proper authorization. It also checks for outside incursions and any other suspicious activity. It provides better security than your employees can manage due to its continuous monitoring.

Phishing Scams

A chain is only as secure as its weakest link. That maxim applies to business security. You may have wonderful safeguards in place. When a single employee ignores them, you might as well invite hackers into your database, though. You need to train everyone about appropriate standards and practices for accessing information.

Your training should cover the most likely sources for breaches. Teach your workers about the dangers of phishing scams. You also must guide them in how to handle requests for personal information. Finally, you have to test their knowledge of security and privacy. Anyone who fails to demonstrate requisite knowledge needs a more detailed training regimen.


Data Breaches

The problem with running a business is that your employees need access to pertinent information. The mistake businesses make is that they give too many people permission to view the data. Take a moment to consider what the percentage of your employees who can look at your finances is. Now count the number of people who can overwrite current database entries in your system. Finally, think about the entirety of your staff. How many workers do you actually trust to handle these tasks reliably?

Odds are good that you currently allow too much access to too many people. You should limit access to your critical information and assets to the smartest, safest workers. Otherwise, you’re likely to suffer a breach through a well-meaning but reckless worker. A hacker will compromise your data and use it to gain access to your most sensitive data.

Compromised Data

In tandem with data breaches, one of the worst security issues occurs when a hacker gains admin privileges in your system. They can inject malicious code into your system, causing all sorts of mayhem. The damage isn’t restricted to your company, either. Any visitors to your site or other companies who share data become susceptible to compromised data. Eliminating this potential problem only requires a combination of the security suggestions above.

Security is more important than ever in 2017. Your company is at risk with all four of these hacker attacks, but if you follow the advice above, they won’t compromise your data

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