Use Tech to Keep your Construction Projects on Track

Written by Frank Kremer

If you are still complaining about the same old problems that made construction projects to stall, then you must still be living in the old era. This is because modern tech is really simplifying things for every process including those considered to be highly manual like the construction industry.

There are two things that actually define the success of any construction project: time and budget. If you happen to exceed the time allocated to a particular project, it means that something went wrong during the construction process.

Most likely, if you do not meet your timeline, you will not be able to meet your budget as well and this means failure in delivery. So, what is the cause behind this delivery failure and what are the solutions? It is not keeping your construction projects on track and the solution is to embrace modern tech in all construction processes.

The following is how to do it.

·         Identify what is causing bottlenecks
For any process to stall and fall behind schedule there must be reasons for it. In a construction project, there are many things that can easily cause an obstruction. For instance, a certain piece of equipment or materials may not be available when they are needed and this will bring down the momentum during any construction.

Another thing is poor tech of passing information whereby a sub-contractor is given instructions that is not received within the stipulated time. All these plus other stumbling blocks can make any project to fall behind schedule and lead to loss of resources. Inability to view schedule information by everyone at any time is also another problem.

·         Check if productivity is at the maximum
Unlike other sectors, the construction industry highly depends on human labor for most of its operations. This becomes challenging because most of the time, employees are kept waiting for materials, equipment and instructions or spend most of work time travelling around.

Another problem is that most of the time, there is no clear system to track employees in terms of login and logout time as well as the billable of work that is done in between. Generally, most construction managers do not have proper records of employee productivity because there is lack of real time tracking of employees.

·         Know how you are adapting to change
Construction projects are subject to a lot of changes that can happen at every stage of construction. Changes can be a result of mistakes or simply made to improve the general quality of a structure. If these changes are not managed well, they can be highly costly in terms of time and resources.

The above and more challenges still face the construction sector although they are things that can easily be tackled by tech. For instance, construction daily log software ensures that you track every daily activity that happens within your construction site including weather conditions during the day. This will therefore solve all the problems of poor tracking that lead to missing timelines and budget during construction projects.


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