Virtual Reality and Online Casinos – How Well Do They Mix?

Written by Frank Kremer

Mankind is gambling since the invention of money. That’s a really long time. How’d the industry manage to remain relevant up until today and what are futuristic attempts some online casino owners are trying out today?

Well, there’s just too much to cover in a single post. Online casinos – the places where people can hit the jackpot without even leaving the comfort of their couch don’t surprise people anymore. Digital entertainment is already as casual as things get.

That noted, this Casinority casino list for Canadian players, while useful, is not enough to attract the new generation of gamblers. Millennials nowadays have different interests. A lot of them originate from tech and key industry players have figured out series of patterns to hold attention of the newer crowd.

There’s a dedicated arena for esports under construction in Vegas right now and the bill for legalization of gaming bets is on the tables of governmental officials all across the US.

Is there even a way to make betting cooler?


Virtual Reality is no longer a dream or a buzzword. Products like MS Hololens, Google Cardboard and, of course, the famous Oculus Rift are the next big step for mankind.

Needless to say, the gambling industry chose to walk hand in hand with time. Fist virtual playrooms were released way before the commercial release of Oculus Gear.

SlotsMillion casino, for example, provided their virtual reality experience ahead of time as players were introduced to the “lobby in the clouds”. A futuristic cityscape was open to them from the height of the 80es floor. Immersive 3-D games were also presented so that the players could feel an actual presence in a brick and mortar casino without even leaving their homes.

There are, however, series of necessary regulations. For once clocks are forced to be present in the virtual world.  They are to be clear and visible in order for players not to lose track of time.

The ultimate recipe for success

Virtual environments are easily constructed by a single team of professional IT guys. The expenses of a casino are severely lower for tech development than actual construction of facilities. There’s no need for staff as well. All in all, the deal seems too good to be true.

Add the fact that people are currently crazy about VR. Everyone wants to give it a try and the younger generation of Millennials is destined to be more engaged with these kinds of digital solutions.

The combination of these factors is literally destined to open a totally new era for online casinos. An era of Virtual Reality games!

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