5 internet friendly tools that make magic!

tools that make magic
Written by Jimmy Rustling

 This is a list of essential, powerful and very useful internet tools that will make life and work easier on the internet. With them you will save time and effort obtaining the best results in your daily tasks as a web surfer. In this list I have chosen the internet tools that are quiet internet friendly and you need them at some point of time. There are many to choose from in the market.

PDF convertor

PDF converter provides you tools to create PDF files some are free PDF convertor as well. You can create PDF files online and also through a free desktop application. Read below to find the right tool for you. It specializes in generating PDF files, developing a large number of tools that help you create PDF files. The desktop application is a universal and very useful tool when it comes to generating PDF files.

The software includes a virtual PDF printer to create PDF files from any printable file, as well as other functions to create PDF files. This can also be used to create new PDF files from others, sign files, add watermarks or a digital document, rotate or delete pages, import from the scanner or take screenshots. All in the same software.

Ringtone creator

It helps to create ringtone for free. Create free ring tones from any song using ringtone creator software. All you need to do is upload some music files from your device. Input formats that are accepted include M4A, OGG, WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WMA. After that, you need to go to editor, and then choose the part of the song you want by making move the markers and then using the adjustment controls. Select the ringtone format. For an iPhone, you may use M4R format or any other device, MP3 is preferable. Finally select Create ringtone. There you go!

Cloud Storage Services: Example – Dropbox

Dropbox is a multiplatform file hosting based on cloud storage service. It allows you to upload, save and synchronize between online files and between computers. Save up to the last 4 versions of each file. It’s free, it’s in the cloud; with the free version offers 2 gigs of space but there are easy ways to get more free space. How to install it from this “sponsored” link will give us a 500MB bonus.

Automation Tools Internet Tools: Example- IFTTT

IFTTT is an online tool that allows you to integrate services that, a priori, are totally disconnected. It offers you the possibility to automate processes and data flows. It makes your life easier by making your usual tasks easier, especially on social networks. The operation of IFTTT is based on creating rules with the formula: “if this, then the other”; So that certain actions in a service perform the same in another service without having to do anything. It is extremely configurable and you can get a lot of it. To make it easier, you can start by testing some of these 36 pre-configured IFTTT recipes.

Social Networking Management tools: Example- Buffer

Buffer helps us manage social networks. It allows you to configure profiles of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn).  Allows you to generate a list of hours in which you want to publish the tweets or states. You only need to do it once. Then from the application stores the publications you want to share and these are coming out at the times you have set. You can install a buffer extension in your browser. When you are on a page you want to share, you click on the browser icon, type the tweet and save. Buffer is responsible for shortening the URL and posting the message at the times you specified.


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