Flying Device Facts: What Aspiring Drone Pilots Need to Know

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Written by Ben Davis

There’s always room for difference between expectation and realization, and buying and flying a drone is no exception. You’re very excited to have one of your own. You’ve tried another’s or done the research to know your interest is enough to equal an investment. Here are a few things aspiring pilots should know before they open their wallet or take flight.

FAA Regulations

First and most important is the fact that you must register your drone with the FAA. Unlike other ‘toys’ of hobbyists, a pilot must do a number of things to obey the law and lawfully fly. Not only do you have to register your drone, but be aware of guidelines that exist to protect the safety of others, such as not flying within a certain mileage of an airport. Also, be aware of guidelines regarding the line of sight.

Broken Dreams

You may have dreams of taking your drone out of the box, having it take flight, and enjoying hours of unfettered flying enjoyment. However, a number of online horror stories tell a different tale, those of anxious fliers damaging drones as they are putting them together or during the first flight. Stop and be patient. Drones are fragile and a beginner’s excitement and lack of awareness may be too much for your first drone to handle. Find the best drones for under 200 dollars.

Flight Pattern

A flier who lives in a rural area where the nearest neighbor is miles away has a different experience from one who lives in a concrete jungle of high-rises and few public areas. You should scout areas to fly and think about how convenient it will be to fly each time the mood strikes. For example, a person who lives in the city may have to drive 20 miles or more to find a proper flight setting.

Worthy Freelancers

It’s true that you can make money from owning a drone. Similarly, you can make money by writing, dancing, playing baseball, and riding horses. The point is that you shouldn’t assume you’ll be able to generate an income from your drone without experience and the proof that you can produce high-quality photos and video footage. The skill requires finesse and talent like any other paid for service.

Added Cost

Be prepared to invest money in the hobby. If you come to enjoy flying, you’re going to want to buy modifications, a better drone, and the latest in parts and features as time goes on. Therefore, don’t assume that flying is associated with a one-time cost. It’s not. Its value begins to exceed dollars and cents as you grow to love flying.

Flying Ease

Different models vary in how they handle in the sky. Aside from price, some will be more stable while others may require more effort on your part. Be sure to research your model’s type of flight controller so you have a sense of how it will react in the sky. In the beginning, you want to be sure you will be able to have fun and can handle your chosen drone.

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