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BOM Information
Written by Jimmy Rustling

Ciiva has a recent update to BOM importer that saves you time if you are transferring data from a different source to Ciiva. Transferring multi-level BOM information that may be contained with your data source will also benefit you from the recent update.

With the new update, the importer allows the user to specify all the fields in the import data source with clear descriptions of any related information of the product, instead of having to import data for each version and product at a time.

The new update makes it possible for a user to identify other data related to the product and easily import it for any custom or standard attributes in the attributes section.

With the new update, the importer will prompt a user to specify a product version in case they left it out the name of the p-product and its version attributes during import. The right click menu gives the user options to create new versions or new products as is required while still in the process of import. In the past, this needed to be done first prior to importing the data into the product navigator.

Before the update, it was mandatory to specify all the attributes of the designer component. Many of the BOM especially the non-electric ones have entries that do not contain any component designators. With the new update, it is no longer a necessity to give the specifications of the component attributes. Where no component designator exists, an entry shows in the import data.

Navigation of data becomes very easy with the new Ciiva update. Users can now right click the document navigator, follow all the options that are clearly stipulated, get whatever files they need from the Ciiva account or database and attach to any email or simply store to any other location of their choice.

When you have products that are highly configurable and very complex, multi-level BOM is very helpful as an update of already existing assembly quick. This is however possible if your BOM is structured as multi-level because any change in the order only addresses a products subset.

Ciiva multi-level management ensures the reduction of risk especially when you have products using long lead times, single inventory vendors and high costs of inventory. Ciiva BOM allows operators to pinpoint any alternatives to parts that are expensive and provides clearer visibility into all the assemblies and sub-assemblies that may require extra work done on them.

BOM plays a very important role in the growth process of a product. As such, it is very crucial for every manufacturer of the product to use the best BOM management tools to keep their product data safe, easy to use and under control. Whatever tool the manufacturer chooses should be accessible to all users to facilitate a smooth design and supply chain. This will further enhance the development of the product, improve the efficiency of the Bill of Materials for all users and make easy the data sharing across all levels of the chain of supply.

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