Take The Worries Out Of Setting Up Your Next Website

Setting up your next website
Written by Ben Davis

You may have read about how many large retailers have been hacked over the past several years.  Each time hackers get in and get names and credit card information, it can prove to be very costly for the company that owns the ecommerce site.

So if you are in the market for a new hosting provider that can offer you everything that you need in order to make your site showcase your wares with a minimum of actual coding, it is a good idea to consider thinking about finding a partner that can also show you that they offer superior security.

One provider, has been around since the Internet naming system took hold.  Their experience has led them to use courtesy engineers as part of your signup experience.  When you use their company as a hosting provider, the courtesy engineer will assist you in the migration of your website and the installation of software that you need to make.  More importantly, they will ensure that your site goes up inside their security infrastructure without being exposed to potential outside problems.

Here are some security issues that providers like can help you to look for when you get set up:

Domain trolls:

Ever since hacking became less of a sport and more of a money-making operation, there have been people that watch domains and new businesses and websites get started.  They will then try and hack you while you are connected to your website back-end so that they can hack it later and put listening software in that will allow them to view all transactions and activity that is going on.

One major downside is that they can pass that information to your competitors complete with the number of customers, visitors, and sales that you actually have, giving your competition a leg up on you.  When you hosting provider works with you on the setup and security, they will use processes that make it impossible for a domain troll to get in while your website is being built.

Https setup:

Once your site is setup, a good provider can also help you to ensure that your security certificate is up and functioning and covering your whole site.  An https certificate protects your customers when they shop using encryption.  As each visit is then protected, they can relax and enjoy shopping without worrying about having their information stolen.

Payment options:

Another area that can become scary for ecommerce web hosting services people is the checkout part of the purchase experience.  If you decide to accept credit cards directly, storing the actual credit card numbers of clients is guaranteed to attract thieves.  The best two options, therefore, are to either use a payment service like Paypal that insulates your ecommerce site from having to work with actual credit card numbers or use a payment aggregator.

Payment aggregators are often hosting services that give you a discount on transaction fees if you join their hosting service.  They put you under their account and you process transactions through their system- which is normally created with very high security.  When you use their system, in many cases, your site does not keep the credit card numbers and therefore does not retain any liability for losing them.

Having to worry about security as you set up your ecommerce website should not be something that consumes your budgeted time.  If you find a vendor that incorporates security setup and has a solid infrastructure for ecommerce, you will likely save yourself time and money.

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