10 Do’s & Don’ts of Traveling in Lagos Nigeria

Traveling in Lagos Nigeria
Written by Ben Davis

If taking into consideration basic nature and manners, people of every country are almost identical. The only difference you find is a natural beauty. Every state or country has its share of picturesque locations and mesmerizing beauty. Hence, people often travel miles to take a break from their monotonous life.

One among the highly opted vacation destination is City of Lagos. It is the top global economy in Africa where people are simple and down-to-earth. However, before visiting those places, there are some things you must take into account. Hence, we have make a list some dos and don’ts for your convenience. Read the article to check complete details.

Things to Do in Lagos

There are a few things that you must consider while visiting the city of Lagos. Some do’s are listed below to make your journey convenient and safe-

  1. Carry Your Passport Always- In a foreign destination, your passport is the only identification proof. Thus, you have to keep it along with your every time. But there are chances of being lost or steal, therefore, take a few copies of your passport and carry them with you. It helps you in avoiding unnecessary hassles during your vacations. Be precautious rather than regretting later.
  2. Be polite & humble– Lagosians appreciate good manners. Greet everyone you meet with a sweet smile. You can also learn how to say hello to interact with them openly. They love to hear their language and will surely help you in exploring their native place. Always bear in mind, a warm greeting can break the ice between the stranger so be smart while communicating.
  3. Dressing Sense Matters- Modestly dress up yourself to avoid that unusual glares. Yes, nobody knows you, and you can wear whatever you want, but you can find people of every kind during your holidays. To avoid the attraction of unwanted people, dress modestly that provide elegance and class to your personality.
  4. Bargain- If you are visiting a new place then buying some extraordinary things for your family and friends is common. Natives can quickly identify the foreigner so that they can demand double or high amount for an item. Try to bargain a little to get the things under actual price than paying a hefty amount. You can easily check out the price of the item through the online facility. Be smart.
  5. Quality Research- Explore a bit about the place and how to commute as last minute rush is always hectic and may lead to problems. Before planning a vacation always do an ample and quality research.

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Things to Avoid in Lagos

Although it is a good place to visit, travelers should avoid certain things to have the complete bliss. Here are the don’ts that you must avoid-

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  1. Don’t board Unknown Vehicle- You are new to place; you don’t know the people and how to commute. And instead of taking help from a random person, hire a travel guide or ask help from a nearby police station or government authority. You can also opt for Google map to find the exact location and the path.
  2. Don’t Select Random Hotel- Before choosing a hotel, do a proper research about the location and customer’s review. Booking a hotel before the journey is always cheaper and best option. Be a smart traveler.
  3. Don’t Give Unusual Expressions- Always keep in mind that you are not surrounded by close friends. There can be some people who may not like your inappropriate emotions and behavior. If you give any unusual or disrespectful gesture than there is no one to help you out. Try to turn on a safe mode. Hence, greet everyone with a smiling face and sweet hello.
  4. Don’t Pack Too Many Things- A vacation should be peaceful and light – pack only essentials for your journey. Thus, you won’t have to struggle to get your stuff. Moreover, the internet has provided privilege to get anything on the go.
  5. Don’t rush to try every dish- You will find tempting dishes on streets and hotels but only try things after checking the ingredients. We will advise avoiding the street foods as you don’t know how they are made and which ingredients are being used. Stay healthy to enjoy the beauty and adventure of the Lagos.

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At last, it is advised to do a good research about the Lagos as only one article is not enough to give you complete details about this amazing destination. Was the information helpful? Do let us know through the comment section and if you are a citizen of Lagos then help us in providing more details.


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